Maltesers On The Bathroom Floor

Regular readers will have seen me wax lyrical about the genius of Moff Skellington over the last few years.

I am fortunate enough to have a collection of new albums and an EP from Moff in my possession which will be released over the next few months to the world at large.

The first, Marine Sugars (Locally Glimpsed), was available just before Christmas 2014, the remaining releases are quivering with anticipation of release in the early months of 2015, and the ever busy Mr Skellington has promised even more material in the new year.

Once more he is in fine form on this latest release – moving up from medium tempo jollity, through more meditative and ambient sound collages, to pure strangeness.

I can’t think of anyone who manages to combine the unique use of language with such a rare combination of instruments to create such an unparalleled body of work.

I commend this to you unreservedly.

The next album The Corduroy Bridge will be available from 16th January.

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