Establishing a rapport……..without the fripperies of biography

20 Buck Spin
3 February 2015

Label 20 Buck Spin start their, what appears to be, massive 2015 release schedule with the announcement of the release of Cessation, the  debut medium length album from  DEAD IN THE MANGER.

In early 2014 DEAD IN THE MANGER appeared, seemingly from out of nowhere, with their debut EP, Transience, a six track EP which featured an interesting blend of extreme metal with elements derived from the black/war metal sub-genre, touches of post-rock, as well as nods in the direction of grindcore. Reviews, at the time, talked about an original approach, and a genre-crossing creation with an impressive mix of black metal and sludge and a tinge of  more considered ambient guitar based elements.

The band follow up their debut with six new examples of their work, a combination of all of the aforementioned elements coming to the fore. What, I think is different this time around is there are more repetitive, hypnotic, riff-based elements which echo to some extent more recent work from bands like Earth.

This medium length album boasts an impressive mix of atmospheric repetitive riffing, completed with some interesting ambient touches and coupled with a wall of blistering d-beat driven, shredded vocal, fuzzed out madness.

As before, song titles, production credits, and band details are not revealed, the listener is expected to establish a rapport with the music without the fripperies of biography.


On February 3rd, 2015, Cessation will deliver a digital and vinyl release via 20 Buck Spin. The cover artwork was created by Misanthropic Art (Secrets Of The Moon, Hooded Menace, Attic).

As with the debut ep I can only conclude that the group,  once again, walk a fine line between all out hyperfast black metal excess and ambient /found sound atmospherics and post-rock structures. The emphasis this time around shifts towards a faster and more brutal set of offerings. What I do like about this band is that they manage to cram lots of ideas into 2 to 3 minutes, whereas other bands of this ilk take 8 to 10 minutes to get their ideas across. Variety being the spice of life and all that this is to be applauded and encouraged. My only gripe is the length, which at just over 26 minutes, leaves you wanting to listen to more of the same.




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