Horse Latitudes

Release: 2 February 2015

Spook the Horses - Rainmaker
Delivering mercurial, heavily textured post (rock) hardcore of the highest order, New Zealand-based quintet, SPOOK THE HORSES, have completed their second album

The Wellington-based act remains resoundingly heavy, however, the band’s epic metal tunes are balanced with strings, brass, synthesizers and occasional nuanced guitar and melodic vocal sections to create a cinematic feel more in the spirit of the likes of Amplifier, Godspeed or 65daysofstasic.   Like similar extant bands Trojan Horse,  Terra Tenebrosa, The Old Wind, or Cult of Luna, the spacious and ruminative passages threaded through their songs are as crucial as any outright aggression. Picturesque soundscapes, outbursts and scatterings of both intense and reflective vocals define their unique sound.

Spook the Horses - live
The tone of the band’s new record, Rainmaker, signifies an evolution from the dense trio of guitars that defined their December 2011 released debut album, Brighter, into the arid and spacious sounds on this offering.

Recorded live at studio Wellington by James Goldsmith (So So Modern, Die! Die! Die!), mixed in Melbourne, Australia by Sam Sproull (Shihad, Cairo Knife Fight, Gatherer) and mastered in Stockholm, Sweden by renowned engineer Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, The Ocean, Kongh), Rainmaker presents forty-five minutes of undulating post–rock-hardcore and atmospheric metal that shifts effortlessly between the intense and the contemplative. SPOOK THE HORSES remains an amalgam of light and dark, crushing and fragile, and serene and seething.

SPOOK THE HORSES will independently release Rainmaker on digital and 12” LP formats.

Having taken their music to fans live extensively over the years, previously sharing the stage with such acts as Kylesa, La Dispute, Ulcerate, Jakob and many more, SPOOK THE HORSES will be touring extensively in the months ahead in support of the album.

spook the horses

Ben Dentice – guitar
Donnie Cuzens – guitar
Callum Gay – guitar, synth/sampling, vocals
Alex Ross – bass guitar
Zach Meech – drums

The central point here is the variety across the eight tracks, the bands’ ability to shift between throat shredding hardcore via ambient cinematic passages to more traditional rock forms is impressive. HIghly recommended.

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