Levelling Out

Nefarious Industries
13 January 2015


OPUL is the name for the solo work created  by Matt Lupo of East Of The Wall and he has a new three track EP out released by Nefarious Industries on January 13th.

Having been a main part of the ever changing band which transformed from The Postman Syndrome in the early 2000s, and into what is East of The Wall today, guitarist and vocalist Matt Lupo finds space for his solo work in this fourth release as OPUL.

Lupo delivers plenty of the guitar and melodic vocals he is known for providing for his other musical acts, and on this epic and cinematic three-song EP, the multi-instrumentalist plays a wide range of other elements including bass and drums.

Copy of 7E8A0908

A multi- layered and extremely ambitious excursion, this twenty-minute recording showcases a variety of complex vocal arrangements, with both fuzzed and crystal clear guitar tones, as well as a varied and interesting use of other elements of sound and noise to deliver an interesting set.  There is a danger, at times, with this style of music  that it can all descend into mawkish AOR and hark back to the hairy excesses of the 70s, or get too polished, however Lupo manages to keep the quality levels up this time around, as well as maintaining a robust backbone to the sound, add a harder rock edge, and maintain interest throughout.

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Lupo himself, and mastered by Steven Alexander. this latest offering is classic guitar-driven, melodic, heavy rock coupled with progressive elements. Harking back to  90s progressive/post-hardcore experimentation, but with elements of  soulful folk/indie rock, with fragments of everything from bands like Quicksand, Sensefield, Shift, A Perfect Circle, Radiohead, Dredg and labelmates Maid Myriad all combining to create an enjoyable  listening experience

Nefarious Industries release Levels digitally on January 13th with a physical version to follow shortly after.

photos – Vacant Eye Photography


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