Drum and Bass……

Ghold‘s highly anticipated second full-length has been confirmed for release by Ritual Productions on March 16th. The band has shared a selection of the gargantuan sounds present on Of Ruin for the curious…

The two components of bass and drums are bound together  tight on Of Ruin with explosive results. Intrinsically heavy and elastically supercharged, Ghold create a heavy package. The wealth of ideas presented by Paul Antony and Aleks Wilson on Of Ruin ably demonstrate why commentators tipped them as one to watch for 2015.

Album engineer Dan Miller recalls the process; “We basically locked our selves in the studio, slept on the floor, and just really pushed everything as far as we could. It was a real heady environment of manic creativity, where anything and everything was tried, and a lot of the more weird or offbeat ideas ended up really working. The result I think is something at times pretty heavy and mean, but also quite beautiful, warm, lush and completely original.”

The  duo fuse elements of power violence, doom, gloom and heavy rock with epic vocal arrangements. Since their inception in 2012, Ghold have been steadily amassing fans, following their self-released, self-titled demo in 2012, an LP Cassette and CD release in 2013, and from countless shows performing alongside the likes of Stephen O’Malley, Yob, Pallbearer & Årabrot.

Of Ruin, mastered by James Plotkin, shall be available on CD and LP formats via Ritual Productions on 16th March, the band will officially launch their album on 20th March at the Black Heart in London.


Photo credit : Daniel Ali

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