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When he is not assisting partner Mary Joanna with her musical ventures Stephen Evans continues to make fascinating music with his excellent ZX+ project. Stephen sent through two CDs worth of material the other day and mighty fine it is too.

The first CDs worth of material will be released as part of the Fruits De Mer members club package under the broad heading of “Games for May”.   Stephen has   an album coming out this year and he says  “a lot of these songs are ones that didn’t make it on the album, some are covers and some are off the older albums”.  The first CD comes as part of a “goodie bag” tied in with a gig at the Half Moon Putney on May 24th – more details here. The second CD is for the Fruits De Mer event “The 13th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus – the Fruits de Mer Festival of Psychedelia” – which runs from 7th-9th August, 2015. Stephen says there are T Shirts as well!

As a statement of the ZX+ project to date it makes for great introduction to Stephen’s work covering the wide range of styles his music encompasses. Tracks from the excellent 2013 album “Sickly”,  the initial 2010 ZX+  release,  plus a number of covers including an excellent version of the Floyd’s  “Jugband Blues” and The Rolling Stones “She’s A Rainbow”  plus some brand new songs which all go to make up a collection of psychedelic, indie, experimental and altogether unique sounds.

The albums will be featured on the Aural Delights podcast in a fortnight.



ZX+ – ZX+ (2010)

ZX+ – Sickly (2013)


ZX+ – +Planets (2010)

ZX+ – ZX+ E.P. (2010)

ZX+ – In A Cover World (2010)

ZX+ – The Crazies (2014)



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