Fraternal Greetings

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
Neurot Recordings
16 February 2015

Botsc Cover art

Tad Doyle is back with just under 45 minutes of insanely heavy noise and it’s rather marvellous. His new trio release their eponymous album with a great degree of anticipation from waiting fans of the big man’s work. This powerful trio of musicians, with Tad on guitar/vocals, veteran bass player Peggy Doyle and drummer Dave French (The Anunnaki)  bring together the worlds of punk, hard rock and metal. Recorded at Robert Lang Studios and Tad Doyles’ own Witch Ape Studio in Seattle and mixed by Billy Anderson, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth’s self-titled full length consists of five epic songs, with two bonus tracks on the CD.

tad doyle wide-732d2fb5676eb66eb47c4fe8284c761f

Comparisons with Tad and Hog Molly (Doyle’s previous bands) reveal a definite shift from the more up tempo grunge of the early 90s to a more cinematic metal oriented package, although the intensity of Hog  Molly does carry over. There are some surprises as well with the Morricone flecked intro to “Unnamed” , although generally the emphasis is hugely fuzzed chords/riffs delivered over slow tempos with throat shredding vocals from Doyle.

A deeply cathartic listening experience Tad demonstrates he has lost none of his legendary intensity, indeed it could be said he has upped it several notches.

Highly recommended for lovers of loud and unforgiving rock with a liberal dose of metal.

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