I Will Have Always Have Been Here Before

Dave Graney & the mistLY

Play mistLY for me – live recordings vol 1


23rd February 2015


One can assume from the “vol. 1” part of the title that this is the start of a series of releases of recordings made by Dave, Clare & Stu with appearances from Stuart Perera and Mark Fitzgibbon on some tracks. Given the quality of this release one would hope so. Another milestone in a now legendary and very productive career.

Dave says “a collection of live recordings from shows over the last few years. Shows in Adelaide, Newcastle, Katoomba and Melbourne. Featuring different instrumentation and approaches to songs. Recorded on a hard disc recorder sitting in the rooms where we played. No direct feeds from a desk or mics on any instruments, just a stereo track from somewhere in the ROOM. No overdubs attempted. It’s all here just as it happened.”

There’s a fine mix of recent and back catalogue material here with a good nod towards Coral Snakes era tunes. The “audience” feel of the recordings does give a sense that you are actually there in the room enjoying the laid back ambience of the proceedings. The arrangements are both fascinating, effortless and rich giving a new life to a lot of the compositions. The sequencing of the material allows for a seamless listening experience, in some instances the transitions between the songs are little works of art in their own right with a feel of the tone poems of Miles Davis on “Get Up With It” in one instance.  The occasional witty inter-song commentary is worth the price of admission alone.

The highlight for me is a funky stroll through a complete reconstruction of “The Stars Baby, The Stars” which takes an already excellent song to a completely new place.

Many artists tend to try and replicate their album music on a live setting so that the audience gets an almost carbon copy of what is on their dansette/I-phone. Dave stands resolutely apart from that methodology and continually re-invents his work. In the same spirit as the Graney & Moore release “Keepin’ It Unreal”  from a few years back this is an excellent 64 minutes of quality music. Lovers of studio perfect audio capture will probably get hot under the collar about the occasional lack of fidelity, if they do they are missing the point completely.

Roll on Vol.2. say I.

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