Are you listening?

Aural Delights regular, Manchester artist Periscope is set to release his fourth single “Listen” on Zozak Records/Geometria.

“Listen” will be released worldwide and will be available from all major stores. Featuring Alyona on vocals, with additonal guitar work from The Happy Fallen’s Neale James it is up there with the best of Periscope’s releases.

Periscope (Martin Swinny) has come full circle as an artist since his days fronting The Hungry Socks, the Manchester band he formed which ended up cult-like in their status not to mention boasting the line up of Clint Boon ( Inspiral Carpets ) , Mani ( the Stone Roses, Primal Scream ) , Chris Goodwin ( Electronic , The Buzzcocks) and Andy Housley ( The Cradle ). The Hungry Socks split with each member going on to their respective bands, Martin went on to play in a couple more bands before making the move to record under the name Periscope. He is a solo artist in every sense of the word, producing video as well as sound, stretching his own influences… the results so far have been outstanding and regularly featured on this blog and in my podcasts.


Having previously topped a major Russian chart with the single release “Thumbsucker ” the anthemic “Listen” (out on 6th April 2015) looks set to do the same.

The single comes with a stunning melancholic b-side “In My Tiny Day”.

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