The sound of urban decay

Artist : Ommadon

Title : Empathy For The Wicked

Label : Golden Dawn

Released :15 July 2015

Genre :  Doom/Drone

Get It : Here


Following the crushing doom of their critically hailed, 2014 double LP, V, which earned a spot on Rolling Stone’s 20 Best Metal Albums Of 2014, UK drone/doom duo, OMMADON, continue with more of the same by delivering unadulterated heaviness with new release Empathy For The Wicked. Consisting of just one piece broken into two tracks (23 and 22 minutes) , the album was recorded live, mixed by OMMADON and mastered by recording legend, Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Zoroaster, Eyehategod, Taurus, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth etc.).

Where OMMADON’s previous releases were all recorded in the Highlands of Scotland, Empathy For The Wicked marks their first release to be recorded on an industrial estate in urban Northumberland, England . The first track from Empathy For The Wicked was originally recorded for the cassette split with Horse Latitudes and Coltsblood. During that session, OMMADON decided to continue recording through the night and drone out the riff which became the second side to Empathy For The Wicked.

Empathy For The Wicked will be released on 12″ vinyl via Golden Mantra on July 15th, 2015 with preorders available at: or Bandcamp. For those who don’ t drop the needle a digital version is available on the Bandcamp link above.

It is both intense/loud, and ambient/experimental with a variety of structural changes throughout the 45 minutes, fuzzed guitar riffing and layers of tonal washes and feedback, are punctuated with splashes of percussion and heavy rhythms, and surging ambient waves. Both contemplative, epic and unforgiving this continues the high standard the duo have set in their previous work.  At times the piece moves into noise/improvisation sections which could be something by Merzbow or AMM before returning to batter the listener senseless with intense rock. The quiet sections between the two parts offer great contrast within the overall structure. A most enjoyable listen and an excellent example of what can  be achieved with this genre of music.  The sound of this release feels like an aural manifestation of decaying post industrial urban Britain.

If you are interested in their earlier work Ommadon’s first 4 releases were recorded all live and alone in the forest before they chose to play for an audience. These riffs and memories have now been enshrined in wood and branded with fire thanks to Tartarus Records and Witches On Fire Records. The I-IV Tape Discography is now available for pre-order below. 180 minutes of raw, heavy doom encased in a completely handmade wooden box. This includes a back-patch designed using broken tree banches and loosened moss and lichen from the forest where the band were spawned.

Alternatively you can download the releases from Bandcamp

The band are from Glasgow, Scotland and consist of David Tobin (guitar) and Ewan Mackenzie (drums, keyboards).


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