Fascinating Things : Issue 06

A mixed bag, as usual, some interesting things came in this week:

Fuzz drenched howling hardcore punk repetition from Goleta California.  Sounds like it was recorded with the lowest of fidelity. Very cathartic.

Vaguess from the “Back off Warchild” cassette released on LOLIPOP RECORDS in spring 2013.  DGAF low-fi garage-punk from the OC! from Vinny Early of Rogue Postmen, Shadow People & The Pegs!! 100 purple cassettes were pressed and numbered. They have a compilation out on Synderlin in August. Pre-order here.

Heard this lot on Dave Hammonds excellent show on Cambridge Radio. Suffolk based garage punkers who are incredibly prolific and write a good tune. All their releases are available on Bandcamp as pay what you like.

Bit of an enigma this one, an anonymous release on Iron Lung from 2013. There is some speculation about who it is. Regardless of that a totally uncompromising set of tunes which kicks off as punk and then goes all hardcore.

Got nudged on Mixcloud about playing this band, happy to comply with the request their new EP is available to download on their website – www.puloreve.com. They are a progressive post-hardcore band from the South East of England; a quintet of friends who have been playing music with one another since they were very young. Their debut LP ‘é’ will be released in September. The record is the first in a series of releases which will, the band hope, become known for the emotion and care that went into creating them.

Magic Bullet Records have announced the signing of Chicago-based Sweet Cobra for the release of their anxiously awaited new studio album, Earth.  The LP was recorded and produced by Matt Talbot of Hum and Kurt Ballou of Converge, and also features guest contributions from each artist. Earth is their first full-length recording since their lauded 2010-released Mercy. Recording was completed in late 2013 with Talbot and Ballou at Talbot’s Earth Analog Studios near Champaign, Illinois, mixed by Ballou at his Godcity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts, and with final mastering by Carl Saff.

The band says : “We are honored to be working with Magic Bullet and have always felt a kinship to the label and artists they release. Earth is a deeply personal album for us, and it was a liberating experience to explore new sounds and dynamics in these songs with Matt and Kurt at the helm capturing it.”

Founded in 2003 by former members of a wide array of notable underground acts and boasting the fury and angular qualities of their hardcore/noise-rock/metal roots with a more straightforward rock rhythm and delivery, the band toured alongside the likes of Pelican, Russian Circles, Coliseum, Black Cobra, Doomriders, The Life And Times, Young Widows and many more. They toured regularly throughout the 2000s, and released a lot of recorded material, including three LPs — 2004’s Praise through Seventh Rule Recordings, 2007’s Forever through Hawthorne Street Records, and 2010’s Mercy on Blackmarket Activities — as well as split releases with Doomriders, Get Rad, and Young Widows among other releases.

In Autumn 2009, with Mercy just completed, second guitarist Mat Arluck lost his ongoing fight with cancer. Arluck’s death left a deep scar on the entire Chicago music scene (and beyond). The band committed to soldier on as a three-piece, as they began, resulting in a transformation of the band in the following years. The members have pushed forward — playing shows, constructing new material, and exploring new sounds. These efforts have culminated in the upcoming release of Earth. The album will be featured on a future Sonic Attack podcast.

Midday Veil‘s third album, This Wilderness, is due for release on September 11th – their first on Brooklyn indie label Beyond Beyond is Beyond. The instrumental heart of This Wilderness remains the out-sized synth wizardry of co-founder David Golightly, who seems to have ingested every possible mind-altering sound from Stockhausen to Cybotron to the ‘Love to Love You’ of Donna Summer. They’re all on display here, made especially ornate by the driving percussion of Garrett Moore, the deep, submerging bass of Jayson Kochan, and the often-explosive, reptilian guitar lines of multi-instrumentalist Timm Mason. Rounding out the lineup is an all-star cast of guest spots including Bernie Worrell (Parliament, Funkadelic), Eyvind Kang and Skerik.  Here is opening track Babel.

Ahead of the September release of If He Dies, If If If If If If, their much-anticipated second LP, Montreal experimental ensemble Jersualem In My Heart are sharing a new song from the forthcoming album. “7ebr El 3oyoun” (“Ink Of The Eyes”) begins with an arresting passage of Radwan Moumneh’s mournful melismatic (the singing of a single syllable of text while moving between several different notes in succession.) vocal work buoyed by sparse atmospherics, patiently presenting melodic themes that then reshape into a hypnotically raw, syncopated and accelerating acoustic riff, propelled by Moumneh’s buzuk and hand percussion from guest Pierre-Guy Blanchard (of Pacha). Listen to the track below.

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