Fascinating Things : Issue 10

Limbs are back with a new five track – excellent as usual.

A new release from North Manchester’s The Madding Crowd is well worth a listen

Left-field alternative combo The Permanent Smilers are soon to release their debut album ‘One Real Big Identity Crisis’. Thirteen brand new songs which have been perfected over two years. The new single from the album is entitled Ghosts.

The Permanent Smilers are fronted by Rich Lemongrower, who writes the songs, sings them, and is responsible for guitars, keyboards and most of the percussion. Jonny Cole plays bass, and Pete Fraser drums. Dave Land (Starlight Express, Dame Shirley Bassey, amongst many others) guests on a number of tracks playing trumpet or flugelhorn. David Pye (Transgressive) completes the team by mixing the songs.

 It’s a fantastic retro sound from a band at the top of their game.

Le Butcherettes, who are in the midst of the ‘Chaos As Usual’ tour with the Melvins, have debuted ‘Shave The Pride’. The song comes from the previously reported forthcoming album,  “A Raw Youth” (Sept. 18, Ipecac Recordings).

Italy’s electro-gaze synth-wave duo A Copy For Collapse has released a new sinister video for ‘Grey Sunday’, the second single from their new LP ‘Waiting For’. This track is quite distinct from the first single ‘No Failure’, which had a strong nugaze element to it and a blissful track to match – this one is much darker with the video following a sinister story line.


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