New Glasgow Sounds

The Creeping Ivies – Your New Favourite Garage Band

The Deadline Shakes – Zealots

Andrew R. Burns  & The Tropicanas – Delaydeez

Flowers in The Dustbin

October and November sees the release of three excellent collections from the highly regarded Glasgow based Flowers In The Dustbin label.

From the stripped back rock and roll garage sound of the refreshingly retro The Creeping Ivies, through the delicate pop harmonies of tunesmiths The Deadline Shakes to the blissed out reverb surf guitars of the “just about holding it together before collapsing” sound of Andrew R Burns & The Tropicanas you will find wonderfully inventive music, high production values, and fun.


The “Ivies” present thirteen slabs of punky rock and roll in the spirit of The Cramps, Rev Horton Heat, Tav Falco & Alex Chilton. Building on the excellent “The Witch House” EP the album offers a medley of an instantly recognisable styles delivered with  joyous abandon. Led by vocalist/guitarist Becca Murray, they formed in 2011 and have recorded two pervious albums . Debut ‘Stay Wild’ was released on vinyl via US label Dead Beat Records which was followed up a year later with the full length ‘Ghost World’. Following a line-up change and move to Glasgow the band have reached a creative peak with this new collection.

The Deadline Shakes have been releasing a series of high quality pop singles recently and the November release of album Zealots cements their deserved critical acclaim to date. There is a danger with pop bands that they tend to follow trends and absorb what’s going on around them and decompose into an amorphous pallid mass. This band operate on their own terms acting alone to create an amalgam of the best of UK pop from the last 60 years. Comparisons with The Beatles, CSNY, The Beach Boys, Belle and Sebastien and many others have been made, this is fair enought as the band have absorbed the best of those acts and created their own style. Folk-rock is an overused genre tag used these, and it has been applied to this band, it most definitely should not be, they have more in common with The Bee-Gees and Queen than Fairport Convention or some of the more recently industry stoked beardy nonsense. This is quality music with very strong production, sometimes epic in scale, and never dull.

Alansmithee off-shots Andrew R Burns & The Tropicanas present that wonderfully loose pop sound that one associates with The Nectarine No 9 and other Davey Henderson projects.   The band describe their music as “tropical dreamslop… lazy unpolished, reverb laden tunes.”  That’s fair enough, it feels as though it’s about to collapse into the evening sunset, it’s relaxed, moody and rich. Even the song titles sound like something Henderson would have dreamed up,  “Pop Slop-It” for example.  There’s a touch of Orange Juice/Edwyn with the spidery guitar and akimbo chord changes and surf feel. Most enjoyable.

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