3 Lines 17 Syllables

The Seven Twenty

Haiku (Single)

Castles In Space/Bandcamp

30th October 2015

seven twenty Haiku

I wrote about the forthcoming album from The Seven Twenty a few weeks back.  A track from that album appears as the lead on this debut single, which precedes the main release by four weeks. You also get three tracks which do not appear on the album.

Aside from my love of the lead track, which is one of the many high points of the album, James Burling’s excellent song-craft is at play on the remaining tunes. From the surging motorik punk rush of “Get Your Affairs In Order” via the sprightly guitar driven “Cameo”  to the wistful tongue in cheek pop of “There’s No Trick To Getting A Lot Of Women” you get a clear indication of the variety of material the band can deliver. I’m reminded of the playfulness of Kevin Ayers, and Robyn Hitchcock at his best. Lyrically strong, and with hooks that stay in the head this is quality stuff.

Highly recommended.


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