Doom Punk and Swampy Rock

Wailin’ Storms
One Foot In The Flesh Grave
Magic Bullet Records
Release: 20 November 2015

The debut LP from  Wailin Storms, which follows on from the impressive “Shiver” EP from earlier in the year, is remarkably good.

Originally formed in Corpus Christi, Texas, the  band moved east and ended up in Durham, North Carolina. The band creatively merges doom punk and swampy rock, led by ominous, blues-driven vocals reminiscent of Danzig and Samhain, whilst musically carved from the Southern American East Coast with emotive nods to Destruction Unit, Clockleaner, Unsane and Pussy Galore.  For older listeners there are elements of early Sabbath, The Doors vocally, and delivery wise UK post punk/pre-goth walls of sound, sometimes dark and bleak, but always celebratory in volume and commitment.

Photo Credit : Mark Maya Photography

Recorded and mixed at Warrior Sound, by Al Jacob and mastered by Carl Saff, the bold production of the album pushes the bending, wayward guitars and thick rumbling of the percussive end out heavily alongside the non-stop dynamic lead and supplementary vocal performances. Completed with artwork by Bruno Guerreiro of Decibel magazine, One Foot In The Flesh Grave demands your attention.  Utterly wonderful and lacking any restraint this is one of the strongest albums I have heard this year.  The mix of punk paced rock with a the blues swamp sound is fascinating, the songs are great and the playing is very good indeed.

Magic Bullet Records issue One Foot In The Flesh Grave on all digital platforms as well as both red and clear vinyl pressings on November 20th.  Vinyl preorders are also still pending, but digital preorders are available early at Bandcamp .

Photo Credit - Thomas Hudson
Photo Credit – Thomas Hudson

And if you missed it, the bands Autumn tour trailer is below:

Wailin Storms are:
Mark Oates – drums
Todd Warner – lead guitar, backup vocals
Justin Storms – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Steve Stanczyk – bass, backup vocals


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