Self Loathing and other forms of hatred

I guess it’s pretty self evident that if you call your band Fucking Invincible you aren’t after the mainstream market.  Facebook tells me they are a hardcore punk band from Providence, Rhode Island, they were formed in 2012, and, hitherto their discography is:

  • Demo (2012)
  • You Can’t Kill Me Comp (2012)
  • Very Negative EP (2012)
  • Downtown is Dead EP (2013)
  • It’ll Get Worse Before it Gets Better LP (2014)

All of the above are readily available at the Atomic Action! Bandcamp Page.

Atomic Action! , also based in Providence, tell me they have a series of new releases coming over the next months, the first of those being a new EP which is released on December 18th.

Photograph by Angela Owens

As is the case these days this band is made up of people from loads of other bands, which of course you are now duty bound to go off and investigate, if you didn’t know about them already. These include Dropdead, Daughters, Soul Control, Sweet Jesus and many more, I am advised.

The new EP is called “I Hate Myself And Want You To Die” a further indication that they do not aspire to gather the affection of the One Direction fan base.  It’s a short release at just over seven minutes and packs a lot in to that time frame.

All of the usual hardcore elements are here, impossibly fast riffs and drumming, tortured vocals, feedback and high volume pyrotechnics. What differs from the usual hardcore sound, I think,  is that the band, at times,  offers a slower, martial dynamic in between the fast stuff,  which echoes the original work of Iommi/Butler. It’s  more hardcore than punk, and has a dash of very early metal in there.

I could have done with some of the tunes going on a little bit longer so I could get into the groove a little more.  The fact that I was only half way through writing the review when the whole thing had finished is perhaps an indication of what you are getting for your money. Interesting stuff with a slight twist on the usual genre expectations.

A track from the EP will be featured on Sonic Attack Podcast 134.

Fucking Invincible cover




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