Positive Vibes

It has been a good while (well over two years) since we had something new from Doug and Neil of The Ascension. Their new two track single is full of their trade-mark bass driven dance beats mixed with polemical post-punk melodies and vocals.

“Positivity” mixes a very funky bass line, with sprightly beats, synth sounds and the usual twin vocal attack. The message is more upbeat than usual with a call to bring back a more enlightened collective attitude to society. The lead synth is very more-ish and you should be up and about and shaking your booty to the track.

“High Definition” starts slower but moves up the gears over a dirty bass line which has a bit of a rock feel. As usual with the band the unique thing is the mix of the electronic elements of the music with the intense vocals. The change here is the structure of the piece which develops and progresses organically and is one of their best compositions to date.

The band has moved on musically with more variety to the tunes, a greater sense of structure and a more epic feel. It’s great to have them back and the promise of a debut album is made more tempting by these two lead tracks. A short You Tube clip of the band working on the new album reveals some clues as to the changes in approach..

The band play the Old Pint Pot (corner of the Crescent and Adelphi Street, Salford)  on December 18th as part of the Sound Of Salford Charity Event.




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