Rotherham Rocks

Rock n Roll Rotherham Album cover artwork.jpg

Seasoned followers of my utterances will know of the charms of Rotherham’s finest Curry Quiche and will be aware of their work to date. As far as I can tell the last time they had something out was the excellent album “1 Seed No Leeches” way back in 2012 and the single “Barry Was A Raver” last year, when an album was promised.

Sadly there is no album but there is this rather excellent six track EP, delightfully titled “Rock and Roll Rotherham”,  which is packed with fantastic tunes, none more so that the opener “You Know It All”. Replete with delightful hooks and ska rhythms, it is a hell of a way to suck the listener for the full 20 minutes of the release.

The band hang rather loosely between pop and rock in the same way that 10cc used to do, and I have to say that there are  obvious comparisons between Manchester’s finest and this band. The songs are all instantly memorable,  hummable and demonstrate the best in English popular music.  The quirky “Paint By Numbers” is quintessential british pop music and should have you hopping up and down to it’s fun-time beats. Things get a bit proggy with the manic “Out in the Woods” which balances driven pop with a theatrical sections and rather special. All in all the EP provides a fine selection of tunes and further cements that groups reputation as producers of quality music.

I heartily commend this release to you. It is out via Mushroom Entertainment on December 18th and I assume you will be able to grab it from all the usual digital outlets. Go on treat your Aunty Gladys with this instead of being boring and getting her the Adele or Clopday albums from Crimbo.






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