Fascinating Things : Issue 38

Things tend to slow down at this time of year music wise, if only to make space for all the nonsensical tat that gets offered to willing punters in the shape of “Xmas” frippery.  In the best traditions of Scrooge I tend to try and ignore most of the so called holiday period as possible, it has lost the charm it used to have with the relentless commercialisation and capitalist fervour that appears to apply these days. In any event despite the attempt to ram yet another “christmas single” down my throat from a good number of the promo people I remain steadfastly obdurate and only share with you music which is of value and lasts longer than past 25th December.

Doctor Kloos is back with a new one which as he says was “Made specially for my first London gig on the 12th December 2015, a nice breezy compilation of latter day Kloos tracks, which is sure to get under your skin. There are physical copies of this on CDR, called “Sounds Like Kloos” with unique individually made sleeves if anyone wants to order a copy, contact me at johannkloos@hotmail.com.”. As supporters of Kloos-mania  we recommend this to you.

And while I’m at it I seem to have completely missed his October release “Carousel” which is very remiss of me…..

The tenth in a series of monthly (mostly) EPs from Mark Corrin is called “Xenomorph” and is a marked change from the previous nine.  Mark describes it as a “……more experimental post-rock / ambient collaboration with David Fox. It’s certainly got some influence from the likes of Mogwai and later era Talk Talk”. As with the rest of the 2015 series there is plenty here to get excited about.

And that’s your lot for 2015. Fascinating Things will be back in 2016 with more news and views about music.







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