Modern Alternative Pop

Adam Stafford
Taser Revelations
Song, By Toad
14 March 2016

An excellent collection of songs from Adam Stafford who is a musician, film director and label founder (Wise Blood Industries) from Falkirk, Central Scotland.

The nine tune set is extremely strong, with each track having it’s own identity, there is no filler, and the variety of styles and content is impressive. Stafford moves between art pop/rock, blues/soul indie, and modern variations on African guitar figures and rhythms to create a pot-pourri of enjoyable listening.

This album is proof positive that there are still people out there making superior quality music and there needs to be a route for product like this get out to a wider audience.

What catches my ear is Stafford’s ability to utilise current pop styles without descending into the obvious or clichéd. There are plenty of people out there attempting to do music like this but failing to deliver. either through over-production or sheer lack of talent. The production on this album is of a very high quality, with just about the right number of elements contributing to each track. I will not single out any one track as they are all of the equal high standard.

Stafford reflects such predecessors as the pop end of Brian Eno’s work. David Byrne, Hall and Oates (at their best), and 10cc. Stafford’s delivery is assured and he throws in a number of sonic surprises along the way which mark this as his best work to date.

I know it is only January but this is already a strong contender for best album of 2016.

An extremely entertaining 41 minutes of music and I highly commend it to you

Grab it from Bandcamp.

As featured on Aural Delights 163

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 20.57.45.png


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