Meter Bridge release new single

Canadian synthwave duo Meter Bridge are releasing their latest single ‘It Was Nothing’ through WEATNU Records on February 5th. Comprised of two tracks, this is being offered as a free download via Bandcamp.

Meter Bridge, who are Richard Kleef and Jill Beaulieu deliver multi-layered boy / girl melodic vocals, melded with minimalistic groove-infused alternative dance melodies lying somewhere between retro and futuristic.

“It Was Nothing is about a public figure spreading lies that play on peoples’ heartstrings… for the purpose of getting millions of people supporting a false agenda,” says Beaulieu. “This kind of hypocrisy is very difficult to expose… because ignorance is bliss.”

The “B-Side” is a Rodney Cromwell remix of the title track.

Based in Nelson, Canada, they have been playing together since 2011, gathering an enthusiastic following amongst music aficionados and lovers of classic and contemporary synthpop. In 2014, they released their eponymous debut EP, following by the ‘Slow Motion’ LP in 2015, both of them drawing significant attention on the electronica scene internationally and landing them in numerous ‘Best of’ lists in each of these years.

You can hear the track on Aural Delights 164.



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