Fascinating Things : Issue 46

Another busy week so a second dose of Fascinating Things …..

Sofia Härdig is a Scandinavian export who has been dominating the music scene back home  for a while now. Having worked with household Swedish names like the Grammy Award winners The Hellacopters and Bob Hund, as well as having collaborated with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Pussy Galore’s Julia Crafitz on Free Kitten, she is now going world wide  with the release of her upcoming new single “Sitting Still”.

Part of her new 2-part EP collection called “The Street Light Leads To The Sea” which was recorded only in three days with a few musicians specifically known and hand-picked for their improvisational skills. The moment the record button was on, each musician was encouraged to simply go wild and the result is amply demonsrated by the single , a Sonic Youth,  Pixies and Le Tigre inspired track which is released n 26th February 2016.

Girls with guitars making lots of noise, more of if say I….

The opening track from “Bacteria Cult”, the second collaboration album between Norwegian composer John Kaada and the omnipresent Mike Patton, is available to listen now, ahead of the record’s release on April 1st on Ipecac Recordings. Sergio Leone on steroids?

Joy abounds, a new Cannonball Statman release, seven songs in 15 minutes, the trademark hyper-speed stuff from Jesse….remarkable

Released last September Drew Worthley’s “Crucible” album has just appeared in my in-box and is a good listen. He will be on tour soon and well worth checking out. Echoes of Bowie in some of the music, but with some nods to more recent contemporaries, very clever indie pop with a skittish edge.

A lot of bands sound like Neu! these days. The spirit of Klaus Dinger lives on in the minds of young musicians searching for some sort of holy grail. Throw Down Bones, again released last year but there’s only so many hours in the day, embrace that psych krautrock route with a degree of reverence but also explore other avenues of drone/ repetition/ electronica/ texture. There’s just the two of them in the band and they are able to make a big sound. Another one that would have made the best of list last year had I found out sooner.


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