Fascinating Things : Issue 52

There have been some notable releases  and pre-releases received over the last few weeks many of which will be included in the Sonic Attack and Aural Delights podcasts in the near future. The following are of note and are worth checking out:

  • Kaada/Patton – Bacteria Cult (Ipecac) – orchestral avant garde pieces with the usual out there contributions from Faith No More front man Mike Patton
  • The Zenith Passage – Solipsist (Unique Leader) – Death Metal from Los Angeles – the band features current and former members of The Faceless, Fallujah and All Shall Perish.
  • Omaphagia – In The Name Of Chaoas (Unique Leader) – riff laded Swedish death metal
  • Geryon – The Wound and the Bow (Profound Lore) –  two-man NY-based avant-garde technical prog-death metal band comprised of one half of Krallice, namely bassist/vocalist Nicholas McMaster and drummer Lev Weinstein
  • Gris-de-Lin –  The Kick  (Noisy Little Birds / BB*Island) –  Post-rock, blues and alt-folk, peppered with twisted electronics.

Geryon 2011

Some things of interest:



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