Fascinating Things : Issue 60

I am somewhat distracted by the cricket season at the moment, and Lancashire are playing remarkably well in case you are the least bit interested, so matters music tend to get shoehorned into the odd 60 minutes or so I can scrape out of the day. There’s a busy week ahead with and Espen Eriksen gig on Thursday and Ed Blaney’s album launch on Friday, the latter being a handy five minute walk from this computer at the rather excellent chinese nosherie in sunny Eccles Town Centre. I’m expecting Ed’s album in the next day or so, and a review will follow hopefully before I attend the launch. There’s been a lot of good gigs on around here but I can’t do the cricket and the gigs or else nothing would get done. There is a huge backlog of things to listen to so i’ve loaded up the Nano so I can have a listen whilst sun-bathing (I wish) at Old Trafford.

So what have we got  for you this week?…….

British shoegaze pioneers Ride have been busy in the past year, including a massive tour, but the band’s frontman Mark Gardener has continued to support his side project Pure Phase Ensemble 4. Their album ‘Live at SpaceFest!’ is the first long-play, featuring Gardener in all his shoegaze space rock glory, to be released since the 1990s. Pure Phase Ensemble 4 ‘Live at SpaceFest!’ is currently available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify and the CD is also available on the Nasiono Records website.

Greek hardcore crew Sarabante share a track from their incoming second LP, Poisonous Legacy, which is released on Southern Lord this summer. Loud and scabrous stuff…

Bluesy psych trio Mother Upduff  from Vancouver have a new one out….nice jazzy vibe to this one…

This reminds me of something from the 80s, if only my fact soaked brain could remember what, nice chunky bass sound….they are Eau Rouge from Stuttgart…

Kranky will be releasing the alluring debut full length, Precious Systems, from New Orleans trio MJ Guider (led by Melissa Guion) on July 15th. An ambitious ambient-based record which is described as “subterranean pop and sunset electronics”, it floats between shoegaze and drone in a reverb soaked haze….

Groovy stuff from the peoples republic of Cambridge and better than the average so-called psych stuff floating around the music-web at the moment, there’s a a restless funky edge to it all which ticks several boxes at once…..they are called Psychic Lemon and I think you should listen to them….

Wigan power house trio Deepshade return with their raucous fusion of psyched up alternative/grunge rock with the announcement of their ‘Time’ video single release.
Forming in late 2013 they delivered their debut album ‘Everything Is Popular Is Wrong’ in early 2015. The band David Rybka (Vox/Guitar), Tom Doherty (Bass) and Paul Barlow (Drums).  Good stuff…..

Just in case you think i’m slipping here’s some Dave Graney to finish with this week. Dave is big jazz fan, and often “annoys” the listeners to his excellent RRR Radio Show “Banana Lounge Broadcasting” by peppering it with selected music from the genre. Here he further explores the funky jazz sounds which have regularly popped up during his career.  Elements of this track came from “I like To be Haunted” from the oustanding 2007  album We Wuz Curios, which I append below for comparison purposes. Dave says  “New arrangement , instruments and vocal. New song!”….. it’s a “mistLY” tune, for those of you keeping up with the multiple band names DG uses. I’m really liking this one track a month release schedule at the moment. It concentrates the mind.


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