Albums of the Year – 2018

It was been a busy year, over 150 radio shows broadcast, literally thousands of e-mails asking me to play, feature, review, music, loads of gigs, and running a record label releasing 70+ singles, albums and EPs. Summing all of that up at the end of the year has proved difficult.

As the year progressed I kept notes of the best of what I was hearing in an attempt to make this job easier when I came round to it. There were well over 50 albums that I liked so it got harder when trying to get it down to an optimal list. The first  lot of those cannot be put in any specific order as my appreciation of them is equal. However  I made a conscious effort to put the top 26 (it was 25 but JD Meatyard threw me a curve ball on December 14th) in some sort of order to stay within the norms of these sorts of things.

It has also been a fantastic year for new music….11 of the top 26 are newly emerging bands, this is extremely healthy for the state of music going forward.

I’ve decided not to add any narrative to the list as it’s all subjective anyway and you can go back and listen to the radio shows should you wish to LINK

A conscious effort has been to highlight bands/artists that have not, as yet, had any significant exposure to a wider audience, albeit they deserve it, as there are plenty of other blogs etc who deal with that sort of thing.

A few acknowledgements ……..

Many thanks to all of the promo companies who have sent me material during the year – special thanks to Lauren Barley, Shauna McLarnon,  and Dave & Liz at Earsplit, who have sent some of the most interesting material.

Also thanks to Brad Cain, Dave Hammond, John Montague, Steve Doyle and Dave Graney whose radio shows have alerted me to a good proportion of the people in the list below.

Thanks to Adrian and Mark at Analogue Trash for giving me space to feature two radio shows.

Thanks to Lou and Michael at All About Jazz for featuring the World of Jazz radio show.

Thanks to Ian Moss for contemplating the idea of German Shepherd records and having the vision to make it work and for rising phoenix like with Four Candles to create one of the most exciting bands I have ever had the pleasure to witness live.

Finally thanks to Bob Auster South and The Great Gibbo for making me aware of things that would have slipped by unnoticed.

The top 26 albums were featured on the Aural Delights Show on 27th December 2018.

Numbers 51-27 in alphabetical order

Esme Bridie – Today It Rains

Corrosion Of Conformity – No Cross No Crown

Curry Quiche – Behind The Machine

Cyanide Thornton – Cyanide Thornton

Dead Sea Apes – Recondite

Daughters – You Won’t Get What You Want

Elma – Dreamland

Flea – Parasitic Insects Teach Us Humility

Half Man Half Biscuit –  No One Cares About Your Creative Hub so Get Your Fuckin’ Hedge Cut

Peter Hammill – X/Ten

Issac Navaro – #Forensics

Keltrix – Naked

Liines – Stop Start

Moff Skellington – Bargains Are A Hollow Syrup

Moff Skellington – Fetch

Moff Skellington – Plough Monday

Moff Skellington – Uncle Roy’s Utopian Vision #1 & #2

Night Operations – Advantage

Power Trip – Opening  Fire 2008-2014

Danny Short – Message To Myself

Staggs – 13 Golden Greats

Cannonball Statman – Playing Dead

The Colourful Disease – Economics

The Screaming Love Collective – Imola

The Strays – Live and Unwell

Various Artists – Cambridge Calling Volume 3

and the top 26……

26 – The Room In The Wood : The Room In The Wood

25 – Klammer : You Have Been Processed

24 – The In The Out : The In The Out

23 – Dead Sea Apes + Adam Stone : Warheads

22 – East Brunswick All Girls Choir – Teddywaddy

21 – Polly Panic : Losing Form

20 – The Goon Sax : We’re Not Talking

19 – The Screaming Love Collective : Drop Acid and Join A Cult

18 – Wreckless Eric : Construction, Time & Demolition

17 – Goddamit Jeremiah : The Spring Collection

16 – The Junta : Network

15 – Honey Bucket : Furniture Days

14 – Dominic Carlton Jones : Salford Punk Poetry Sadness Death New Life

13 – The Lancashire Hustlers : Stuck In A Daydream

12 – Ember Rev : Premonition & Ruin

10= -JD Meatyard : The Bat Chain Pullers

10= – Hanterhir : The Saving of Cadan

9 – The Seven Twenty – Joy

8 – West Coast Sick Line : Flat of Engels

7 – The Mind Sweepers : States of Mind

6 – The Scissors : Look Good In Cheap Clothes

5 – Bouquet of Dead Crows : Motus Octo

4 -Four Candles : Spiritual Rapture

3 – Ten Million Aliens : Road Trip (The Fall of the Rebel Angels

2 – TFS : A Laughing Death In Meat Space

1 – The Red Propellers – The Fragility of Love

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