Baby, I Wish I’d Been A Better Pop Star

It was a relatively fallow year for Graney fans in 2018. A handful of singles (all excellent) was all we got to sate our appetite for new music from Dave and Clare. Seemingly relentless touring and support to the “Workshy” book appeared to dominate the months. Online views of solo shows, radio spots, and gigs with the MistLy however began to reveal some new songs, all of which indicated a move back into the rock and roll arena.

A new single “Baby, I Wish I’d Been A Better Pop Star” appears on March 1st and comes from a new album, ZIPPADEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS?,  which comes later in the month. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear the new album in full and can advise it is stunning. Pending that here is the first of the new material from Dave Graney and the MistLy for 2019. Dave promises yet another album later in the year so there is lot to look forward to.

Dave is always good with words so I’ll leave it to him to describe the track “The album begins with the post heist-gone-wrong confessional “Baby I Wish I’d Been A Better Pop Star”. A song that’s never been written before. Twelve string guitar, a swinging drumbeat and big glam slashing guitar chords. It starts with a sly groove and bangs straight into a vivid chorus.”


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