The Battery Farm – I Am A Man

Manchester band The Battery Farm have emerged out of the dissolution of  long standing The Madding Crowd with a more abrasive sound, a renewed vitality, a clearer vision. The transition from rock into punk is palpable and welcome to these ears.

Their second single presents their self-described doom-punk coherently  with a more focused attack on the aural and visual senses, and the distinct sense of a new sound, much needed in a conurbation riddled with tribute bands and resting on it’s musical laurels.  Unfiltered and teetering between joyous and angry this is powerful stuff, the sound is primal/basic/exciting, the message is coded in the video with the iconography of “;” being a clear indicator of at least some of thinking behind the piece. Most pleasing is that there is clear intent to strip the sound back to basics and deliver the emotional aspects without clutter.

Warning there are strobe effects on the video.

Ben Corry – Vocals/Guitar
Dominic Corry – Guitar/Vocals
Paul Worrall – Bass/Vocals
Sam Parkinson – Drums

The Battery Farm