The Radio Shows

Two weekly radio shows support this blog:

Aural Delights – mostly looking at local music from the North West of England, Scotland and Wales and unsigned & new music from anywhere – together with classic tracks from my music collection.

World of Jazz – jazz music in all its forms from around the world….a mix of classic jazz and new releases

The shows are broadcast via Taint Radio as follows (all times UK)

Aural Delights – Thursdays 10pm – 12am and Sundays 4pm – 6pm

World of Jazz – Sundays 8pm -10pm and Fridays 3am-5am

All podcasts are available to stream from Mixcloud at :

From January 2014 details of all podcasts are held on a separate blog here

From January 2016 podcasts are recorded here

If you are a band and you would like to be featured on this blog or on the podcasts then contact me on Facebook or leave a message on this blog.




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