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Boz Hayward and The Bozchestra



Well it’s around that time for a new album from the ever talented Boz Hayward, this time with his Bozchestra, and in association wth Video Jam,

Boz Hayward has been associated with Video Jam since its inception and a member of the team since early 2013. His cinematic, narrative writing style, coupled with his quaint and idiosyncratic ‘Bozchestra’ (traditionally consisting of Boz himself on acoustic guitar, a mariachi bass/guitaron, violin, trumpet, and percussion) lends itself perfectly to the art of the film score. As a composer, Boz is keen for his music to reflect the particular mood and emotional charge that each film evokes, as opposed to providing a detached musical commentary.

This is the first body of work created solely for Video Jam to be recognised and released as an album. Video Jam is an ongoing series of unique experimental events that seek to explore and re-examine the relationship between moving image and sound. Video Jam collects together a programme of short, silent films of any genre, by professionals and amateurs alike and pair each with a different musician or sound artist with the intention of composing an original score. This ‘blind collaboration’ culminates in an event which screens every film with its own accompaniment performed live.

It has to be said that the music stands alone very well without the visuals – not that I had them to look at anyway – what I mean is you don’t need to see the films to enjoy the music in its own right.  I was , from the outset, reminded of the enigmatic and emotional music produced by Bill Frisell, similarly originally written for films (including one for Gary Larsons’, “Tales from the Far Side”) on the Quartet album in the mid 1990s,  mainly due  to the similar lead instrumentation of violin and trumpet.  Boz writes excellent tunes and the selection on this album move from plaintive blues licks, tex-mex mid tempo jollity, through klezmer into El Degüello. What sets it aside from Frisell’s work is the addition of sprinkles of tasteful percussion, xylophones for example play an important role on the charming “Old Friend”.

Rick Burrows excellent trumpet work is wonderfully understated and can be both brittle (with the mute in play)  and brash. Haywards arrangements are complex, exciting and inspiring – the music is indeed cinematic in its’ own right without, as I say having to rely on the visuals, this is exemplified on the highlight piece “Fractured Reflection”  which shifts tempo and  mood echoing to some degree Ennio Morricone but without his brash enthusiasm.  Another comparator has to be the work of John Barry on the sublime “Patrick Moore” which combines vocals, slide guitar and, naturally xylophone. This is a reflective, thought provoking and crammed full of musical surprises and I recommend it to you unreservedly

The album was recorded during 2012 and 2013 mainly by Phil Robinson at home in Chorlton with some bits by Seadna McPhail and Alan Lowles at Airtight Studios nearby

The album can be purchased from Piccadilly Records in Manchester from March 10th 2014 onwards.

Salford Music Scene – 18th September 2012

The final part of my four week preview of this years Salford Music Festival featuring a snap-shot of some of the 200+ artists appearing at 20 venues around the city from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd September.

You can stream the show from here…….

  1. AAAK – Out Here – Totalitarian Tip Toe
  2. Curry Quiche – Dry Handkerchief – EP
  3. Girl Peculiar – Believe – Single
  4. Miss Lucid – Another Pathogen – EP
  5. Saturday Morning Cartoons – Lady In A Radiator – Demo
  6. Sheena Bratt – Fire In Your Eyes – Demo
  7. Boz Hayward – Invasion of the Ditty Dots – Single
  8. John Mackie – 9.5 Grams – Single
  9. I Invented Fire – Absence is Distant (And Distant Works) (Radio Edit) – Demo
  10. Jed Is Dead – Damaged – Demo
  11. Silver Sound Explosion – Sidekicks – Single
  12. Kill Pretty – Breakdown Man – Dark Heart
  13. TeamAVsTeamB – That First Love – Demo
  14. The Fall – Lap Top Dog – Single

For details of all the gigs and all the venues go to the festival website