Music Diary #39 – 22nd February 2012

A great new track from Kill for Company came in yesterday, looking forward to seeing them, with Mr Heart and Whipcord at our second music night at the Kings Arms on March 8th……

Great new track in from Scottish band – Kick to Kill,  plus a great new remix by AAAK  of Toska Wilde’s “Kathy Kirby”……

On this weeks Aural Delights…….click this link to listen in

1 Aperture Click Demo
2 Bacchanal Party Down there for the dancing Single
3 West Coast Sick Line Hanging at Picnic Rock Demo
4 Trevor Sensitive and the Locals Saving Albion From Itself Single
5 Comet Sands Hearing the Heartbeat Recordings and Live Demos
6 Buildings Born on a bomb Melt Cry Sleep
7 Et Tu Bruce Never Say Trevor Again Surburban Sunshine
8 gFrenzy Tonight the Kids Sleep In the Car A Lowtides Rising Compilation
9 Hookworms I Have Some Business Out West EP
10 Rebellious Jukebox Slave to Lust EP
11 The Finest Hour Feel the Same Album Sessions
12 Witch Hats Mahoney Pleasure Syndrome
13 Zombie Computer Honest Lies Indian Summer
14 Moff Skellington Ballflowerman Pukes of  A Hot Cloister
15 Hong Kong in the 60s You Can Take A Heart But You Cannot Make It Beat My Fantoms
16 This Wicked Tongue In Collusion Demo

Music Diary #35 – 13th February 2012

Stricken with a bad back at the moment so not had much time to do much other than listen to stuff  – of note over the last few days are:

  • Witch Hats – Pleasure Syndrome – nice garage sound from Melbourne…..
  • The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Egor – immense slabs of cinematic wonderment – it’s jazz Jim but not as we know it…….
  • Royal Baths – Better Luck Next Life – from Brooklyn – great sound – moody twangy feel – a strange confection of VU and garage
  • Buildings – Melt, Cry, Sleep – noisy and most enjoyable….don’t play it to your granny, unless she was a Jesus Lizard fan
  • Vei – EP  (released by Baptists and Bootleggers) – exquisite sonic manipulation by Mr Dean who appears to be exploring new avenues and doing it very well indeed….both reflective, ambient and challenging.
  • Bacchanal Party – You Can Be As Orange As You Look – a marvellous mix of a broad Scots vocal and crisp guitaring – great tunes