Top Ten Albums of 2017, so far

Seems like everyone else is doing half year lists so I may as well have a go… helps to remind me when I’m totting these things up at the end of the year as well….there’s no one in the list from our record label as it’s taken as read that they are top notch anyway and it would be a tad self indulgent to include them so I’ll deal with them at the end of the year…anyhow as for the rest here they are  in no particular order


Strictly speaking this came out in 2016 but it’s only made its way over here recently from Buenos Aires. A sublime mixture of rock in a shoegaze kitchen. Scuzzy guitars, howling and gurgling synths and bubbling drums however add a space rock vibe. It’s relentless and fun filled and I would imagine quite exciting live.


Delicious and lush music which hovers between country, blues, and rock. Snarski’s velvet voice is delightful,  the words observational and compelling. A band at their peak, delivering quality material.


A much anticipated  third album . They have a unique sound and they remain steadfast in their delivery of their music.  We were kept happy with an EP compilation last year but its been a long while since National Service. They are big in France but no so much in their own back yard which is bleedin’ typical of the scene in general around hereabouts. Dan Brookes vocals and words are as usual unique and outstanding and the band create mesmerising post-punk vistas.


This emerged as a series of singles over twelve months so it’s a bit hard to regard it as an album from 2017, but it is. A playful collection, a mixed bag of styles, with DG and CM exploring new angles and options. Dave’s observations on the music world and the wider world at large are always apposite and often give pause for thought.  They can do no wrong.


Seems odd that a band this talented only manages an album release once every seven years. Anything with Davey Henderson’s name associated with if is guaranteed to be good and this is no exception.  A rich sound which matches Henderson’s unique vocal delivery with superior guitar music.


Extremely difficult to keep up with these chaps who appear to be as prolific as Acid Mothers Temple with three albums so far this year, this being the first, and two more planned. The motorik repetition of Rattlesnake sets the tone and demonstrates a band that seem to be totally attuned and in sync. The important thing is that they continue to develop and explore.


Long delayed debut from the recently reformed trio. Self described as Kraut-Punk the sound is refreshingly unique driven by Brian Benson polyrhymic drums. Some of Tim Lyons best work lyrically and with the signature sound of Dr Johann Kloos’s hypnotic guitar this beats the so called psychedelic bands out there back into their Haight-Ashbury contrived miasma. Forwards is the correct title, it explores new territories and does not dwell in the past.


OK i’m pushing my luck here as it’s really an EP but it’s so damn good I’m including it. Susan and Charlie exceed at writing and delivering exceptional tunes with a literary angle. It blew me away when Charlie sent it my way and it still provides intense listening pleasure never losing its power to please.


He seems to be constantly busy with the Transmitters these days so It’s a wonder he has managed to find the time to record and release this album. A mix of powerful pop punkery interspersed with more languid pastoral pieces. Another Boltonian who deserves wider exposure of his considerable talent. Some fantastic tunes in this collection.


Impressive stuff. In which I learned the difference between Psych and Psyche. Vignettes of American life merging an abstracted country sound nestling in a mesh of guitars and vocal washes – the best music defies genre conventions and this does that very well.




Short Stories

The bard of Horwich-  Mr Danny Short –  is back with a new EP and rather good it is too – we expect no less from the big man.

There are five excellent tunes moving from jangly guitar pop, via elegaic pastoral picking, through atmospheric waves of sound, via glam power punk pop, to layered psychedelia. Variety is the key word with this selection – he has moved on and up, developing his sound, mixing up the genre influences – and they are all distilled into a delightful aural cocktail

Danny never disappoints and yet again he proves to be one of our best current writers with a keen ear for melody, great arrangements and peerless multi-instrumental delivery. His ability to switch from driving power pop tunes to drifting melodicism is rather special and I urge you to check this out.

Sorry Looking Individual

Aural Delights Podcast 53

The featured artist this time around is Danny Short in both his song-writing and also alternative experimental guise as DDS. And I’m pleased to be able to let you know that Danny will be appearing on my chum Steve Doyle’s radio show next week – watch out for that on Facebook…..

  1. The Relays – Last Night She Said
  2. Blue Orchids – Agents of Change
  3. The Junta – Argie Bargie
  4. Johann Kloos – Birds
  5. DDS – Among the Emotional Wreckage
  6. Danny Short – Always
  7. The Chaos of Birds – Mouth to Feed
  8. Ummagma – Rotation
  9. Boz Hayward – Doctor Who (Faster, Faster, Get The Master!)
  10. Fall Fan Dave – Off Peak Danger
  11. Pinkunoizu – Perish In Hilton
  12. DDS – Please Love Him
  13. Danny Short – Make Me Happy
  14. Nevada Greene – A Love Of Irrelevant Mind
  15. Romeo Crow – Would You Hold It Against Me
  16. FFD – Pointless Attitude
  17. Johann Kloos – Dark Light
  18. DDS – The Forest
  19. The Chaos of Birds – Innocent/Guilty
  20. Danny Short – This Year Is Ours
  21. Boz Hayward – Light Rail
  22. Fall Fan Dave – Perfecting the Pessimism
  23. Ummagma – Live and Let Die
  24. DDS – The Fruits
  25. Nevada Greene – Early Morning Joggers
  26. Johann Kloos – Catch It While It Falls
  27. Ubertino Da Casale – Classical
  28. The Junta – Devil
  29. Danny Short – People On The Hilltop
  30. DDS – Those Strawberries
  31. Moff Skellington – Your Dream
  32. The Relays – You Invented Horror
  33. The Fall – Crop Dust

Listen in here –

Background Info

  1. New single – see review here
  2. From the ep of the same name
  3. From the forthcoming album “Art of Glass”
  4. From the recent album “The Lost Light” available from Bandcamp
  5. From the “Emotional Wreckage” ep
  6. From the first session Danny did for me
  7. From the Innocent/Guilty ep
  8. New single – see review here 
  9. A DIY punk version recorded in 2003 lamenting the old series (not knowing it was coming back in 2005) released on download from all the usual outlets to celebrate the 50th birthday.
  10. From the “Meandering Rubbish…..” album
  11. A free download tied in with the recent ep
  12. From the “Shameful Thug” ep
  13. as 6
  14. From the “Across our wide misery” ep
  15. Romeo Crow is a multi-instrumentalist musician, performer and songwriter based in London. Nick Dawes (mix Engineer) calls his style “Classic rock in the fine tradition of bands such as Led Zeppelin” whilst others have called it “Rage against the Chili Peppers”. Having played guitar, bass and sung in various bands (including “RedRoots”, who toured in support of Babyshambles at Pete Doherty’s request) he has emerged as a powerful multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and solo performer. 2013 saw the release of his debut EP, “They Come and Go Like Rain”, a collection of guitar-driven, contemporary, blues-rock songs, all written, performed and recorded by Romeo in his home studio. His follow up EP, the more funk-rock “Grip the Sky”, is due for release in early 2014. 
  16. as 10. 
  17. as 4. 
  18. From “The Darkened Forest” EP 
  19. as 7.
  20. as 6.
  21. From a short film soundtrack called ‘Lighttrail’ scored for a film of the same name by Paulo Martinho. This will be screened and played live along with all of Boz’s other scores from ‘Video Jam’ events on his S H O R T S C O R E S album launch at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation on Saturday 16th November  7.30-9.30. All welcome – families too. £5 otd. The album will be available on download next year.
  22. as 10.
  23. New single
  24. as 18.
  25. as 14.
  26. as 4.
  27. Another track from Ubertino….and more to come
  28. as 3.
  29. as 6.
  30. as 18.
  31. From the Reformation session
  32. The free download tied in with the bands single release
  33. From “Live in San Francisco” recently released on Ozit Morpheus – live at the Great American Music Hall on 19th October 2001 – James Watts of this parish on the bass guitar!

Danny S

Salford Music Scene – 21st August 2012

On this show…..listen here

1 Danny Short Reputation Reputation
2 Cheap Cuts Misery Guts Misery Guts
3 Factory Star Super Real New Sacral
4 Toska Wilde and Luis Drayton Helmets for Men Glamoflage
5 Mount Fabric R.O.C. Threads
6 Trojan Horse Fire Fire
7 The Fierce and the Dead On VHS On VHS
8 The Distractions Too Late to Change The End of the Pier
9 Da Mutts Hear to Die Demo
10 Nine of Clubs Lazy Toad Clubbed Up
11 Social Aneurysm 1984 It’s Time Demo
12 The Outreach Project Twisted Persona The Outreach Project On Heat
13 Veladrome Duke Demo
14 Taser Puppets Wasp Twisted Pop
15 Kill Pretty Breakdown Man Dark Heart
16 The Fall Mod Mock Goth (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas

(Salford) Music Scene Radio Show – June 5th 2012

On this weeks show…..listen here

1 Easter Damp Patch Innocence Man
2 Lauren Housley My Baby Cry One Step Closer
3 The Lazy Maybees Old Ghost Lining Up Spoons
4 The Ascension Blood Upon The Rose Blood Upon The Rose
5 The Black Paths Our North Is Rising Ibiza and the Hangover
6 Twisted Hand Dawning The 1982 Masters
7 The Hamsters Stupid Songs The Disparate Cogniscienti
8 Kill Pretty Stupid Club In 80 Days
9 Danny Short Head in the Sand Remnants
10 Neuron No Limonchik Little Lemon EP
11 Glass Jungle Stay the Same Crystal Lies
12 Periscope Diggin You Out Demo
13 Adesire 60s Film Adesire A History 1980-3
14 The Fall Slags, Slates Etc Slates

(Salford) Music Scene Radio Show – 29th May 2012

On this weeks show you will find the following (Listen here):

1 Sinister Chuckles Big Banana Song Demo
2 The Howling Pitbull
3 The Vex Fools Desire
4 Electric River Monsters Ball
5 AAAK Everything’s Real Totalitarian Tip-Toe
6 Danny Short I’m A Zombie Remnants
7 The Lazy Maybees Monkey Tree Lining Up Spoons
8 Fuschi4 Sinner Can’t Hold Out
9 Neuron No The Motivational Song Little Lemon EP
10 John Mackie 9.5 Grams Single
11 Wailer Pilot Study Duress to Impress Single
12 My Little Brother My Hypocritical Friend Demo
13 Twisted Hand Spear The 1982 Masters
14 Neuron No Sleep Incidents Little Lemon EP
14 The Fall Green Eyed Loco Man The Real New Fall LP

notes in respect of the above

  1. Chorley’s riposte to the Ramones offer an erudite exposition on the impact of yellow fruit on life – a demo from the increasingly infamous Sad Row Studios –
  3. as above
  4. as above
  5. The album gets launched on Sunday at the Kings Arms – more details here –
  6. New album from Tall Dan – a compilation of older tunes which have been fettled up –
  7. From the new album – catch them live at Night and Day on Wednesday –
  8. From the recent album –
  9. New EP from the titantic trio –
  10. New single – launched last week at the Kings Arms –
  11. As featured last week – quite a bit of a buzz developing about this lot – they are in Camden tonight –
  12. Impressive song-writing from this group – download the FREE EP – Nosedive, at
  13. Ultra rare recordings of the other band Mike Leigh was in when he was in The Fall
  14. as 9
  15. A Watts/Smith classic from The Real New Fall LP

(Salford) Music Scene – 22nd May 2012

On this weeks show….listen in here

1 Mr Heart Vacuum Head Pre-release
2 The Lazy Maybees Easee Babee Lining Up Spoons
3 Fuschi4 Can’t Hold Out Can’t Hold Out
4 Milk Maid Do Right Mostly No
5 Stella Marconi Cult of Celebrity Aeroplane Blonde
6 The Brakes It’s My City Demo
7 The Ascension Cityscape Blood Upon The Rose
8 Boo & the Crow Men OK In The Morning Demo
9 Danny Short Casinoland Remnants
10 Silence Rises Feeling Clever Single
11 The Mekkits! End of the World Blues Single
12 Clockwork Radio Feel It Up Single
13 English Mutts Albion Summer Demo
14 Wailer Pilot Study Drive Drive
15 Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers Timelord Waiting To Happen Beat on the Moans
16 The Fall Middlemass Slates

Notes in respect of the above:

  1. From the forthcoming album – they support Martin Rev at the Academy on Saturday 26th May.
  2. Manchester band who have a new album called “Lining Up Spoons”
  3. Salford based blues band – debut album ‘Can’t Hold Out’  available at shows for £10, and they are also selling a 10-track digital version for only £7 at . The band will be playing a few festivals over the coming months, starting with Hebden Bridge Blues Festival,   Main Stage on Saturday 2nd June.  Maryport Blues Festival between 27th – 29th July, and  The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival in Colne between 24th – 27th August.
  4. Last year, under the name Milk Maid, Martin Cohen released Yucca, a fuzzy, jangling record that switched genres with each track. On one song, the Manchester bedroom artist would paint himself as a 1990s indie rock devotee. On the next, he’d be fingerpicking a quiet, echoing folk song. With “Do Right”, the first track he’s letting go from Mostly No (June 26 in the US, July 9 in the UK via FatCat), the shapeshifting continues. Here, he takes the form of a screeching, reverb-drenched West Coast grunge fan. He sings about California, he bookends the song with feedback, and halfway in, he rips through a tossed off guitar solo. Given his history, it’s fair to wonder if the album will stray from this song’s faux-slacker punk aesthetic.
  5.  This summer, Stella Marconi are releasing their debut album ‘STOP: Await Instructions’ through IMR. They have previously released two EP’s to fantastic receptions, both of which can be found on their SoundCloud page. Playing previous high profile support slots with bands such as ‘The Indecent’ (Warner Bros USA), on their inaugural UK dates, and ‘To Kill A King’ (Virgin), the band are establishing themselves not only on the national, but global music stage.
  6. Manchester band – featured before on the show – this is from their first EP.
  7. As featured previously from the new EP
  8. Acoustic Trio from Hulme- this is their first release.
  9. From the new album – available from Bandcamp – this track shows the more experimental side of Danny’s work.
  10. From Huddersfield which is near enough to count of regionally local – Silence Rises formed in 2010 and set out to write a set of huge anthemic indie tunes.
    Drawing on a rich song writing talent present between all five members, the band continue to focus their style in to well crafted, hook filled, venue filling music with huge towering bursts which take the listener on a dynamic audio journey. Recent highlights include the band being selected by indie legends The Wedding Present to support them on two of their 2011 UK tour dates. The band were also selected by Tim Burgess and a panel of music representatives to play the 2011 Friends of Mine Festival. As a result of these fantastic opportunities and constant gigging around the North of England a real buzz is starting to form around them.
  11. They have been absent for the last couple of years working on their album – but they are back with a flourish. See notes elsewhere on this blog.
  12. Lead single from the new EP Ubuntu. Currently gigging in Denmark but will be back for dates in Manchester in early June.
  13. Another class piece of pop from the Moston pooches.
  14. Received an intriguing package from this Manchester based duo. The Wailer Pilot Study – Stephen (Vocals/Bass/Keys/Samples) and Kieran (Vocals/Guitar/Beats/) favour drum loops over a live drummer and huge, dirty guitars over jangly indie tones. The sound of the WAILER PILOT STUDY is an Electronic/Cinematic/Rock mix. All instruments are played live by the 2 members.
  15. Preview track from the forthcoming album “Beat on the Moans”.
  16. A classic track from a classic release.