1000 Jazz Albums You Really Ought To Hear – 0001 : Dave Holland Quartet – Extensions

ECM 1410


  • Dave Holland – Double Bass
  • Steve Coleman – Alto Saxophone
  • Kevin Eubanks – Guitar
  • Marvin “Smitty” Smith – Drums

Dave Holland’s eighth album to be released on the ECM label. It features two members of his previous quintet Coleman and Smith  alongside  Eubanks, in his first appearance on a Holland record. I had the pleasure of seeing the touring band for this album at the Band On The Wall, Manchester when it first came out. A memorable evening.

Album of the Year in Downbeat and rightly so. Beautifully recorded by Manfred Eicher the album is packed with exemplary playing, especially by the leader. The interplay between the four musicians is remarkable. It is predominantly post-bop with Holland leading a riff based series of heads. Eubanks demonstrates a wide variety of styles and Coleman is at his very best. Smith provides a powerful engine but also adds deft touches when the individual leads are soloing.

The open sound and the rock orientated delivery make this an album worth a visit if you are exploring jazz for the first time.


World of Jazz Podcast 47

This time around cuts from the new releases from Dave Holland, and  John Abercrombie , a selection from previous recordings from the two leaders plus a nod towards close colleague Ralph Towner who has a new album out in a couple weeks. Plus an  example of all three of them working together on Kenny Wheeler’s classic “Deer Wan” album. To conclude another cut from Deer Wan and a track from drummer Joey Baron who appears on the Abercrombie tracks.

  1. Dave Holland – The Watcher
  2. John Abercrombie – LST
  3. Kenny Wheeler – 3/4 In The Afternoon
  4. Dave Holland – See Saw
  5. John Abercrombie – Out of Towner
  6. Ralph Towner & Paulo Fresu – Zephyr
  7. Kenny Wheeler – Deer Wan
  8. Joey Baron – Contact

As usual the show can be streamed from Mixcloud

  1. Prism (2013) – Holland on the bass with guitarist Kevin Eubanks, pianist/Rhodes keyboardist Craig Taborn, and drummer Eric Harland.
  2. 39 Steps (2013) – Abercrombie is the guitarist, the pianist is Marc Copland, the bassist Drew Gress, and the drummer Joey Baron

  3.  Deer Wan (1977) – Wheeler with Jan Garbarek (on tenor and soprano),John Abercrombie,Dave Holland, drummer Jack DeJohnette and on this track Ralph Towner,

  4. Conference of the Birds (1972) – Hollands debut as a leader with Anthony Braxton, Sam Rivers, and Barry Altschul on the drums.
  5. Wait Till You See Her (2009) Abercrombie with Mark Feldman, Thomas Morgan and Joey Baron.
  6. Chiaroscuro (2010) – Towner with Italian Trumpeter Fresu.
  7. as 3. this time without Towner
  8. We’ll Soon Find Out (2000) Baron with the dream team of Bill Frisell (guitar), Ron Carter (bass), and Arthur Blythe (alto sax.
John Abercrombie
John Abercrombie

World of Jazz Podcast 15 – Miles Davis : The Lost Quintet In 1969

In this show i’m featuring the new triple CD/DVD set of the work Miles Davis’s “Lost Quintet” from 1969…..this band never managed to record in the studio, fortunately there is a selection of live recordings featuring the quintet, which comprised Miles Davis – Trumpet, Wayne Shorter – Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Chick Corea – Electric Piano, Piano , Dave Holland – Bass, and Jack DeJohnette – Drums. In between cuts from the new album there is a track from each of the band members from their other projects.

You can listen to the show on Mixcloud here

  1. Miles Davis Quintet – Directions – Live In Europe 1969 – The Bootleg Series Volume 2 (25th July 1969 – Antibes Jazz Festival)
  2. Wayne Shorter Quartet – Plaza Real – Without A Net
  3. Miles Davis Quintet – Masqualero – Live In Europe 1969 – The Bootleg Series Volume 2 (26th July 1969 – Antibes Jazz Festival)
  4. Jack DeJohnette – Pastel Rhapsody – Tin Can Alley
  5. Miles Davis Quintet – Bitches Brew – Live In Europe 1969 – The Bootleg Series Volume 2 (5th November 1969 – Stockholm)
  6. Dave Holland – Interception – Conference of the Birds
  7. Miles Davis – My Ship – Miles Ahead
  8. Chick Corea (with Gary Burton) – My Ship – Hot House
  9. Miles Davis Quintet – Footprints – The Bootleg Series Volume 2 (25th July 1969 – Antibes Jazz Festival)


World of Jazz – 25th November 2011

On this show

  • Ron Carter – Caravan – Ron Carter’s Great Big Band (2011) : the latest album from this bass/cello maestro.  Surprisingly he waited until his mid-70s to produce  the first big-band date as a leader. Exquisite arrangements by conductor Robert M. Freedman give the album a touch of class and the band with of New York’s busiest musicians, including Jerry Dodgion, Steve Wilson, Wayne Escoffery, and Scott Robinson in the woodwind section, brass players Steve Davis, Douglas Purviance, and Greg Gisbert, plus pianist Mulgrew Miller and drummer Lewis Nash, among others, is exemplary.
  • Miles Davis – Blue in Green – Kind of Blue 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition (2008) : Probably the greatest jazz album of all time if you cross-reference all the polls – Miles at his coolest with amazing piano from Bill Evans.
  • Claudio Riggio Ensemble with Tom Harrell – Pas De Dance – Audrey (2011) : this latest release from the Italian guitarist  features his own compositions, he is supported by excellent musicians who play in different ensembles (duo, trio, quartet, …) and Tom Harrell guest stars.
  • Fela Kuti – Witchcraft! – Fela Fela Fela (1969) – the master of jazz, funk and afrobeat at his potent best.
  • Curtis Fuller – Blue Bossa – Curtis Fuller Meets Roma Jazz (1982) recorded in December 1982 with  Danilo Rea  – piano, Enzo Pietropaoli – bass, and  Roberto Gatto – drums. One of the few players who has made the trombone vital and relevant in jazz.
  • Allesandro Galati – Into the Wind – Unstandards (2010) : Galati studied both classical and jazz, under the tutelage of renowned artist Bruno Tommaso. After playing at numerous clubs and festivals in both Europe and the U.S., Galati began issuing albums on a regular basis, this is a recent example of his work.
  • John Coltrane –  Like Someone in Love – Lush Life (1958) :  one of the best of the flurry of releases ‘Trane made for the Prestige label in the 1950s. Notable for the lack of a keyboard player for the session – Coltrane  leads a  trio of himself  , Earl May -bass, and Art Taylor – drums. The stripped down line-up is perfect for ballads such as the opener “Like Someone in Love.”
  •  Henry Franklin – Plastic Creek Stomp – The Skipper (1973) : Bassist Franklin’s debut as a leader.
  • Avram Fefer –  Feb 13th – Ritual (2009) : Saxophonist Avram Fefer has led a diverse career since his emergence in the early 1990s. He has performed with pianist Bobby Few, The Last Poets, North and West African musicians, numerous acid jazz and trip-hop artists, and  in the big bands of Frank Lacy, Adam Lane, Butch Morris and David Murray. This album finds him reunited with his longstanding trio-mates, bassist Eric Revis and drummer Chad Taylor – the latter of the Chicago Undergrond Duo amongst other bands.
  • Dave Holland – Conference of the Birds – Conference of the Birds (1972) : his debut as a leader, and  one of the all-time avant-garde jazz classics, incorporating a wide variety of ’60s innovations.It includes the  one-time-only team-up of two avant-garde legends:  Sam Rivers and   Anthony Braxton.
  • Bohuslan Big Band with Lars Janssen  – The White Cliff – The Blue Pearl (2010) : the Danish band puts their spin on the writing of Lars Janssen who also contributes to the album.

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World of Jazz – 14th July 2011 – Focus on the ECM record lable

ECM (Edition of Contemporary Music) record label was founded in Munich,  in 1969 by Manfred Eicher. Best known for jazz music, ECM has released a wide variety of recordings, and the artists on the labels roster demonstrates with ease the capacity to blur the boundaries between genres.

ECM’s motto is “the Most Beautiful Sound Next to Silence,” as evidenced by the selection of recordings released by the label.

  1. Dave Holland Quintet – Serenade – Points of View
  2. Edward Vesala Sound and Fury – Caccaroo Boohoo – Invisible Storm
  3. Misha Alperin – Etude – North Story
  4. Michael Formanek – Jack’s Last Call – The Rub and Spare Change
  5. Andy Sheppard – Bing – Movements in Colour
  6. Colin Wallcott – Cloud Dance – Cloud Dance
  7. Gary Peacock, Paul Motian, Paul Bley – Set Up Set – Not Two, Not One
  8. Bennie Maupin – The Jewel in the Lotus – The Jewel in the Lotus
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