Music Diary #12 : 12th January 2012 – World of Jazz

Once again the floodgates opened today with a pile (digitally speaking) of new things coming via the ethernet……

  • Excellent new track from Ding of AAAK which will be on their new album which will released in March/April. There is a new EP coming first though which will be available at their gig supporting Section 25 at Gullivers on 28th January.
  • A new artist called Heidi Little from New York who writes good songs  but has a mildly annoying voice.
  • A very odd chap called Khalil Rivers (the self styled Prince of Luv) who sounds a bit like Barry White mixed in with something Gil Scott Heron might have cooked up after a particularly long session on Joseph Holts Bitter – most captivating!
  • A handful of new singles from Johnny Wore Black, Awolnation, Band of Skulls, and Young Guns – of the four the Band of Skulls has the most merit – the rest are a bit formulaic.
  • Hellbound Rebels sent me a track called “Vulture” which is nice and loud….they are from Warrington and St Helens…sort of Seattle grunge meets Midlands Metal….lot of good metal leaning bands around at the moment which implies another new wave of British Heavy Metal…..
  • Couple of tracks from local collective Womb – needs to be listened to carefully a couple of times I think as there is a lot going on….

If that were not enough to contend there is also the World of Jazz show at 11pm tonight.

This is the first opportunity I have had to play a tribute track for Sam Rivers who sadly passed away at the end of last year. He was a great innovator and leader and never quite for the attention he deserved. The rest of the show is a sort of random dip in the collection with no particular theme or intent.

Listen here and so the playlist is:

1 Sam Rivers Fuschia Swing Song Fuschia Swing Song
2 Miles Davis Spanish Key Bitches Brew Live
3 Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble Mists of Krakatoa Live – I Forsee the dark ahead if I stay
4 Richie Barron and the Mob Giving It Up Live in Eureka California
5 Charlie Parker Billies Bounce Complete Savoy and Dial Sessions
6 Joe Henderson Black Narcissus Power to the People
7 Duke Pearson After The Rain Sweet Honey Bee
8 David Murray I Thought About You (For Tom) Antiquated Love
9 Chico Freeman Crossing the Sudan Destiny’s Dance
10 Roots Night Train Stablemates

World of Jazz – 31st March 2011

Several long ones on this show so not so much to talk about – no specific focus this week just a few classics and some newer things

  1. David Murray – Fantasy Rainbow – For Aunt Louise – from 1995 David Murray doubles on tenor saxophone and bass clarinet and  features pianist John Hicks, bassist Fred Hopkins, and drummer Idris Muhammad.  Amongst the variety of styles on this  DIW release from Japan is the funky but free sensibilities “Fantasy Rainbow”.
  2. Mike Pride’s From Bacteria to Boys – Kancamagus – Betweenwhile – Bacteria To Boys is probably the closest band set up to where Pride has recorded an album that could be classed as straight ahead jazz – the band is Darius Jones – alto saxophone, Peter Bitenc -bass, Alexis Marcelo – piano,  and Mike Pride: drums.
  3. Count Basie and Duke Ellington – Segue in C – First Time! – In the summer of 1960 , Count Basie and Duke Ellington combined forces for the recording First Time! The Count Meets the Duke, each providing four numbers from their play books. With two orchestras in the same studio the immediate worry is that the sound would be too dense but this is an excellent recording as exemplified by the stand out track “Segue in C”.
  4. Kit Downes Trio – Golden – Golden – the first album providing plenty of evidence to support the growing reputations of this trio, led by Kit Downes, which has been together since 2005 when they were  studying at the Royal Academy of Music. The quality of writing and performance on this album  demonstrates their huge potential and ensures that the album itself was one of the finest debut recordings of 2009. Kit Downes – piano, Calum Gourlay – double bass and James Maddren -drums.
  5. Art Pepper – Here’s That Rainy Day – Renascence – a recording made at the famous West Coast club, The Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society in Half Moon Bay, California,  on September 28, 1975, this concert represents one of Pepper’s first live performances following the recording of his comeback album, Living Legend in August of the same year. He sounds remarkably different from his late 1950s recording. Returning after a  lengthy stay in prison –  the influence of John Coltrane loom large in this album.
  6. Magnus Öström – The Haunted Thoughts and the Endless Fall – Thread of Life – Magnus Öström’s debut as leader, after 15 years with the Esbjörn Svensson Trio. e.s.t. was one of the most successful jazz ensembles ever to emerge from Europe, gaining  critical acclaim and commercial success.  A hard act  to follow, and it’s to his   credit that, after some time away from music to reflect on his plans after Svensson’s tragic death in 2008, Öström has gathered a talented new band around him and created a fantastic modern jazz album.
  7. Meadow – Badger – Blissful Ignorance – this album has been out in Norway since late 2009, on the relatively small Hecca Records label. Any recording with a trio this fine deserved a bigger audience , and so comngratulations to  Edition Records who have  repackaged it, and given it broader international distribution.  John Taylor-piano, Tore Brunborg -saxophones, Thomas Strønen- drums.
  8. Magnus Öström – Ballad for E – Thread of Life – another track from the new album – this difference here is this just a trio with Pat Metheny and former e.s.t. band mate Dan Berglund with a beautiful hommage to their former leader.

To listen to the show click the link below

world of jazz #49

The usual mixed bag of jazz gorgeousness from around the world with some hard bop, blues, african, free , serialism, prog-jazz, funk, cool improv and a piece of Mingus magic.

Horace Silver – The Cape Verdean Blues – The Cape Verdean Blues

David Murray and the Gwo-Ka Masters featuring Taj Mahal – Africa – The Devil Tried to Kill Me

Nina Simone – Backlash Blues – Nuff Said

Yazzbot Mazzut – Golem Bambucha – W Pustyni W Pusczy

Nik Bartsch Ronin – Modul 32 (edi) – Stoa

John McLaughlin – Binky’s Beam – Extrapolation

Allessandro Bottura – Black Lady – Morning Grooves

Lee Konitz, Steve Swalllow, Paul Motian – Come Rain or Come Shine – Three Guys

Charles Mingus – Original Faubus Fables -The Complete Candid Recordings of Charles Mingus