It’s A Dog’s Life

Two more releases from the ever busy German Shepherd Records – the first from KP2 and Ding examines popularity in track one and bemoans the passing of the early spirit of the Stooges in track two. Pumping beats, skidding synths, and great production values make this one of the best releases from the label so far.

The second is from Lachenalia and is a marvellous set of instrumentals built around whole-tone musical vocabulary (cf Debussey and Ravel) via guitar, bass and drum machine, all placed in a delightful kosmiche/post-punk world. Some utterly glorious playing from the very talented Stuart Estell on this one, mastered by the omnipresent Brad Boatright.

Highly recommended

Acts and Monuments Cover


I need some Noise!

KP2 in collaboration with Simon “Ding” Archer – from a forthcoming EP to be released on German Shepherd.

KP2 examines the work of Mr Osterburg and his Stooges over motorik electronica from Ding in the spirit of DAF……

Stunning stuff!