Bits and Pieces – August 15th 2011

And so here we are again…..

  • Very impressed by No Flash who have a new album out called “Corporation Street” via I-Tunes. Unfussy post-punk indie with a sharp guitar sound, a good vocalist and the ability to write good tunes – well worth a listen.
  • Pleased to see some Dischord albums are being released soon – hoping to get to some early promo copies – though I suspect some serious editing will be required for radio play with all the effin’ and jeffin’ i’ve heard on a preview. There will be two albums from the “vault”  released this autumn, Faith Subject to Change plus First Demo and Void Sessions 1981-83.
  • Mike Bryant’s easy acoustic style is worth a listen on his free download here – impressive lyrics and the use of anglo-inflections on his vox set him aside from trans-atlantic copyists – good lyrics too.
  • Very taken with Forgery Lit  from Bristol – a hallmark of a good band is that they do not sound like anything else you have heard before – I’m pretty sure i’ve not heard anything like this – strong lead vox from Ami Martin and a very tight band with some great poly-rhythmic drumming – able to move from emotive balladeering to high tempo indie/rock with effortless aplomb……check out “Toffee Tears” …..
  • My favourite new band of the moment are Kill for Company – a modified guitar (an extra bass string or something like that)  and drums duo from Manchester who able to blend melodic tunes with a brutal mix of math/post/indie with an element of 70s down-town – well worth a listening and you can download their stuff free here – if the world was fair these guys would be huge, and maybe they will be as they certainly are the cohones of the pooch…..