Salford Music Scene Radio Show – 24th July 2012

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Tracks played and links to more information……

1 The Blimp Chicken of the Sea 4 – 3  Facebook
2 Doctrines Heads Like Empty Cans ZE  Facebook
3 Crowds Losing Grip Cut Me Out  Facebook
4 The Blimp Regime Change 4 – 3
5 Doctrines Partt III (Jacob Meets The Luvittes) ZE
6 The Ninth Watch Forevers a Long Time Demo Track  Facebook
7 Wooderson Mint Condition Let the Man Speak  Facebook
8 Doctrines Happily (N)Ever After ZE
9 The Blimp Miniature 4 – 3
10 Tape iFear Lets Not Say and We Did  Facebook
11 Joe Thomas Guardian Angel Demo Track  Facebook
12 Da Mutts Papa Mezz (On the Corner) Demo Track  Facebook
13 The Blimp Snowglobe 4 – 3
14 The Fall C.R.E.E.P. The Wonderful and Frightening World of

Some things that I liked this week……

It’s all been a bit of mad rush over the last few weeks so i’m taking the opportunity of a wet and cold July evening to catch up on a few things……

Anyway the first column in the Salford Advertiser finally saw the light of day this week – I will be in the paper fortnightly from now on….. not sure if the sub-editor quite got the ironic tinge regarding the anthem thing…..also my show is not day time…..

Already mentioned elsewhere that I am very impressed by Girl Peculiar’s new single “Believe” – it’s our recommended “Local Track of the Week” on Salford City Radio next week so it should get some repeat plays. Tune in and catch it if you can – it’s rather special. In parallel my top for the top record for next week is Daystar’s new single “Don’t Need This”.

Got sent links by a band called Tape ( whose singer and keyboard player – Toby – is Salford born and bred. Nice sound and well worth checking out.

I heavily featured the Doctrines first release “O this body of mine I renounce you your style is a crime” last year and I shall be doing the same with their new release “Ze” (ir is it “ZE”?) – I have already played the opening track “Climbing Yggdrasil” a few weeks back…..they are certainly one of the better bands on the circuit at the moment ….. bandcamp link

Ian Breen of Borland (and countless other bands too numerous to mention) also recommends highly a Sheffield band called Wooderson  (there is an in-joke amongst my friends about this name …..) i’ve sort of had them in the listening pile for a while now and finally got round to listening tonight – impressive post rock grandeur in an anthemic stylee with a touch of prog in there also ….and you can sample a couple of track for free here –

Aural Delights Radio Show – May 2nd 2012

A slight departure from the norm for this edition of the show with a continuation of the preview of some of the acts playing at the various gigs in Salford this week – however there is also lots of new music to tittilate the ossicles, plus some classic tracks…listen here:

1 The Three Johns The World of the Workers Do The Square Thing
2 John Hyatt and Periscope Machine Machine
3 Trojan Horse Fire Fire
4 The Blimp 50CC No Silencer Curse Curse Bang Bang
5 Toska Wilde I Am Your Temptation Cindy Darling
6 Luis Drayton Sex Junk Nazi Furs Pretty Sick/Dub Sick
7 Sinister Chuckles I Wanna Be Batman Blitzkreig Mop
8 Sinister Chuckles Dorian Gray Blitzkreig Mop
9 Sinister Chuckles The Ghost of Marilyn  Monroe Blitzkreig Mop
10 Tuxedomoon In The Name of Talent Desire
11 Doctrines Climbing Yggdrasil-Everybody Loves Ray Kay Bandcamp
12 Vladimir Cold Winter Grasp Single
13 Kill Pretty  Stupid Club In 80 Days
14 Taser Puppets Wasp Single
15 AAAK Crash Big Fist
16 Johnny Cooper Hot Mess Single

Notes in respect of the above

1. A sort of an intro to the following piece – from what I regard as their best release “Do the Square Thing” – they are playing Gulliver in Manc on May 8th.

2. Mr Hiatt of the aforementioned combo working with the ever busy Periscope  – excellent and out now

3. Further promotion of said bands EP launch this Thursday at the Kings Arms

4. Playing at the Hope, Eccles Old Road, as part of Toska’s Salford Temptation – doubt if they will play this one but I like it…..

5. The aforementioned TW and well a bit of a theme tune for the weekend

6. The co-conspirator of 5. above from a forthcoming album this is the pre-mastered version – slightly edited by me for content

7/8/9 Three exclusives of the tracks that will be on sale on the Sunday at The Hope from this bunch of miscreants….from Chorley which has a lot of roundabouts

10. Classic post-punk from one of my favourite albums – a very inventive band who never quite got the recognition they deserved

11. They are back and with a bang – from a forthcoming EP I think – they also just been signed to Alcopop Records.

12. Featured this band last year – this is their recent single – most impressive – hopefully a local promoter will entice them down

13. The ever lovely Kill Pretty with a track from their excellent album (have I mentioned how good the cover is?) – playing Saturday at the Crescent as are….

14.  Another band from Chorley (who share a singer with 7,8, and 9 – where do these musicians find the time to be in several bands at onece – I can’t keep up)

15. Mr Ding has been remixing the original AAAK releases and has made them available free of charge from their website – a classic piece early piece of Buildingscape Beats

16. This American gentleman caught my attention recently – impressed by his approach – this is the B Side to this recent single

Salford Music Scene – 20th December 2011 – Best of the Year Part One

Part One of two weeks worth of what I consider to be some of the best music to come out of Salford and Greater Manchester in the last year. So many good bands and singers had to be left out to fit everything in. Also new bands get an airing, a new track from Kin, and an exclusive radio mix of a track from the forthcoming AAAK with a special guest on vocals! But we start with some festive cheer from The Fall from 1978……

  • The Fall – No Xmas for John Key – from the first Peel Session, a seasonal ditty from the gruppe…..
  • Pacific – See What I See – from Northwich – out now on I-Tunes
  • Younger Dryes – All The Questions – from Stockport – more of these in the new year
  • Kin – Nervous Grins – new demos from the rather talented chanteuse
  • AAAK – Into Stranger Times – an exclusive track from Ding and Paul for me for Crimb0 – features Kin and Howard from the Kin Band….
  • Glassheads – Double Hard Bastard – from Wigan
  • The Loaded Dice – Maniac – From Manchester via Wales – great album this year
  • The Calimocho Club– Baby’s  Got A Switchblade – from Whoa Whoa Hey Hey
  • Rawcuss – John Travolta – one of the many singles this year
  • Doctrines – Anglophobia – another great release this year
  • Suzuki Method – Be Cruel Be Kind – the future is Suzuki Shaped
  • Zap Zap Zap– Brick Windows – great tune
  • Bare in the Woods – Bare Faced Liar – another one of those great tunes
  • Sandells – Alien Intelligence – the psychedelic warlords

To listen to the show click this link

Salford Music Scene – 10th May 2011

Firstly let me say that there is a fundamental error at the beginning of and at several other points some way into the show where I describe a gig at Islington Mill on Friday, what I meant to say was Thursday, it’s because I didn’t reverse the polarity of the neutron flow when I was putting the show together.

So to make it absolutely clear the Fucked Up/Kong gig is on Thursday not Friday!


Anyway on this weeks show more than a healthy selection of some of the excellent new music in the city at the moment including the very excellent new releases by Doctrines and Belle Vue, bits from our latest free download from Walkden’s finest The Souls, and more previews of the bands playing at the Mayfest event on May 21st.

Also I am pleased to note that bands have advised me that they have got bookings and promoter interest after being heard on the show…..that’s very gratifying the hear.

The play list for the show is…..

  1. Emperor Zero – Mental Health Cafe – Sways Mixtape
  2. Doctrines – Dirty Dirty Animals – O This Body Of Mine I Renounce You Your Style Is A Crime
  3. Belle Vue – Platform One – Belle Vue
  4. Kong – Blood of A Dove –  courtesy of Tony T
  5. Fucked Up – The Other Shoe –  courtesy of Tony T
  6. The Souls – Zulus – Salford City Radio Free Download
  7. The Souls – Lovers – Salford City Radio Free Download
  8. Well North of Watford – Tired of crying over you – direct from the artist
  9. Salford Media City – The Life and Death of Peter Sellers – direct from the band
  10. Positronik – Save it for me – direct from the band
  11. Kit B – A natural ending – direct from the band
  12. Fucked Up – David Comes to Life – courtesy of Tony T
  13. Kong – Leather Penny – courtesy of Tony T
  14. Belle Vue – I, The King – Belle Vue
  15. Emperor Zero – Berlin – Single
To listen to the show click on the link below

Salford Music Scene – 3rd May 2011

Due to ongoing backlogs I can only post the track list tonight – very excited about new music coming out of the city at the moment and there are a few examples of it in tonights show along with a look back at the marvellous work of the Tombots…..enjoy…..

  1. Positronik – Give Me Some Passion – from the band
  2. The Wonderland Trip – Leech
  3. The Tombots – Slants – from Tony Thornborough
  4. Belle Vue – Amber – Single
  5. Doctrines – Anglophobia – O This Body Of Mine – I Renounce You Your Style Is A Crime
  6. Twinkle & Co –  Back into the Light
  7. The Tombots – Accounts and Thoughts – from Tony Thornborough
  8. Ink – Awaiting The Day – from the band
  9. Mancini Fires – Tomorrow Yesterday – Rise
  10. Danny Short – To Be Different – Reformation Session Track
  11. Doctrines – Hey Plastic Face – I Renounce You Your Style Is A Crime
  12. The Tombots – 1522 – from Tony Thornborough
  13. The Black Lights – In the Dark – In the Dark
To listen to the show click on the link below

policy – taught or advocated…..

Artists : Doctrines

EP : O This Body Of Mine, I Renounce You Your Style Is A Crime

Release : Bandcamp free download – 27 March 2011

Firstly a serious telling off for the members of Doctrines – why didn’t you tell your local radio station about this little gem when it came out? Because frankly it’s bloody marvellous and we need to be airing local talent like you from the get go. In future let us know if you have got something coming out and I will make sure it gets some promotion.

Secondly – the band describe themselves as alternative punk – right in some respects but i’d venture that the band are much more than that – this is refreshing modern music which transcends the usual cosy little genre boxes. It’s loud, it’s in your face, and it demands to be heard.

The band comprise Jamie Birkett: Guitar & Vocals; Kyle Mac Connell: Bass; Luke Rees: Guitar; and Rob Jepson: Drums. They are yet another of those great bands living in Salford that are a testament to the strength of the music scene in the city. They formed in October 2010 and have been working on songs together in their basement practice space since then. They recorded the EP sporadically around January and February of this year between Jamie’s bedroom and the Salford University studios. Jamie was responsible for the recording and mixing.

So what’s it like?  Well the immediate thing that strikes you is Jamie’s vocals – they are raw and declamatory and full of soul tinged rock tropes. They have the conviction and melody of Davey Henderson in his  Nectarine No 9 days – lyrically excellent dripping with bile one minute and then introspective and emotional. He must spend a fortune on Strepsils if he is gigging on a regular basis!

Musically the band hang somewhere between straight ahead punk thrash and very complex post-rock structures.  The closing “Plasticface” for example is a 7 minute plus epic of breathtaking riffs, chords, bass runs and busy drums with several different section. One minute it could be something on a Sonic Youth album (without the tedious fret worrying that Thurston and Lee engage in) and the next something 65daysofstatic would ram down your throat. But there’s a funky edge to the music – the opener “Grey Home and Northern Grammer” has an extremely engaging rhythm which drives along at very swift pace as vocal sections collide over busy guitars in a glorious celebration. If you don’t like the stunning “Dirty, Dirty Animals”  then there has to be something wrong with you – with both a maddeningly engaging guitar riff and bluesy verse/chorus to die for this is proper music – it’s unique and refreshing to my ears.

“Anglophobia” strikes me as being the best thing on the EP with it’s stop/start riffs and tumbling drums driving  a martial song which edges towards to distant folk idioms and then changes completely through some glorious chord changes into a mammoth beast of a thing. Mind you “Can you hear me talking to myself” with its busy guitar slides under your skin as something that nestles in your sub-concious begging to be listened to – more chord changes than you can shake a stick at.

They have a gig with Belle Vue coming up on the 28th April at the Bay Horse, in the Northern Quarter in Manchester City Centre, and then on the 23rd May with Big Kids from Oakland, CA at The Whitworth, although that venue is still to be confirmed.

It would be frankly be absurd if you did not hear this band as they are remarkably good.