Aural Delights Radio Show – 16th November 2011

On this show

  • Rocket from the Tombs – I Sell Soul – Barfly – the band that came before Pere Ubu are back with a brand new album
  • Mr. Heart -Twisted Lamp – The Hide – apologies to Tamsin and co for calling this Stones on the show – they have got a new bass player and are playing the Crescent on Thursday Night and the Royal Exchange Theatre on Sunday Night along with this next lot….
  • The Fall – Taking Off – Ersazt GB – from the new album and in the round at the Royal Exchange on Sunday….
  • Atomic Rooster – The Devil’s Answer – Single – a blast from my youth
  • Moon Duo – Causing A Rainbow – Horror Tour – latest ep from the masters of psyche
  • Otalgia – Is That Squirrel Relevant? – Is That Squirrel Relevant? – great sounds from this limited edition release
  • Moff Skellington – Lady of the Pegfolk People – Eddodi – an early album from the master of words
  • Leon V featuring Julia Dowler – Latex and Lazers (AgvanT Remix) – Russia meets Stoke on Trent or our Julia goes all trancey
  • LeeSun – Mickey Mouse – Prime – out soon – quirky
  • Nils Frahm – Keep – Felt – nicely ambient
  • Song of Return – Trajectory – Trajectory EP – new lot from Scottish land
  • 16 Horsepower – Black Soul Choir – Sackcloth ‘n’ Ashes – had cause to listen to this lot again recently and forgot how good they were
  • Dr Feelgood – Roxette – The UA Singles Collection – in celebration of SDs 50th birthday
  • Kill Pretty – Babes in the Wood – Sonic Diary Session – a great band recorded exceedingly well by our SD – this and five other tracks available as a free download from our website…..

You can hear this show via the links below……