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Featureless Ghost release “Video Enforcement”, the first video from The Skyhaven Network Sessions was released today. I featured the track on last weeks Aural Delights.

Cut from footage recorded at the band’s Atlanta studio headquarters, this two-part video series sees Elise Tippins and Matt Weiner provide a visual setting for their contemporary take on industrial and dark wave, with live audio-visual performances of “Video Enforcement” and “Flash” the latter of which I guess will follow soon.

With Elise providing visual direction under her “Fantastic Lands” alias, the videos fuse her distorted-neon, CRT graphics with the bands’ distant, effect-laden vocals, icey synths and robotic drums. The result is like a hazy VHS transmission from a cold, alternate reality and an evocative live experience.

To celebrate the release, Featureless Ghost are giving away the album version of “Video Enforcement” (taken from their Personality Matrix LP, released last year on Night People) and a remix by Cape Town duo, Tannhäuser Gate for free download.

Check out their website….. and Bandcamp page

Electronic Enforcement………

Hotly-tipped Atlanta duo Featureless Ghost proudly present   “Video Enforcement” plus a remix by Cape Town up-and-comers Len Cockroft and Gareth Dawson, aka Tannhäuser Gate.One of the highlights of Featureless Ghost’s debut LP “Personality Matrix” (out last year on Night People), “Video Enforcement” exemplifies the band’s marriage of industrial, dark-wave and techno rhythms with Elise Tippins and Matt Weiner’s emotive and other-worldly vocal interplay. Tannhäuser Gate remould the track into a tough, dancefloor-ready weapon; taking cues from the original’s moody electronic feel, Cockroft and Dawson fuse sharp, machine-driven percussion with a pulsing bassline and growling analog synths. From the opening vocal stutters to the euphoric refrains in the chorus, Tannhäuser Gate up the energy whilst retaining the robotic, dystopian ambience that makes Featureless Ghost’s original so entrancing.

The remix preceeds the release of “The Skyhaven Network Live Sessions”, a two-part video series featuring live performances from Featureless Ghost recorded in their Atlanta studio, to be announced in the following weeks.

Ghosts in the Night

Some lovely dark electro from the excellent Featureless Ghost…….”Fresh on the heels of their debut full-length LP ‘Personality Matrix’, released on Night People last month, Atlanta-based duo Featureless Ghost are proud to announce the new video for single ‘Cover of Night’. Produced by TACHYONS+, the video is the perfect match to the track’s uptempo electro/synth-pop aesthetic with band members Elise Tippins and Matt Weiner emerging from behind a wall of acidic haze, VHS fuzz and bleeding cathode ray colours.”