Derelict House

Those excellent chaps from Wigan Glassheads are back with a new single which is called “The Derelict House” and rather good it is too….the bands energetic approach to their material is always refreshing and I always get a sense of joyous triumph when I listen to their music…..

It is out on Monday 10th December and is available from their  website

They will be releasing their debut album in the new year on Microdot Recordings… that’s something to look forward to……

The Last New Music Show

I had the pleasure of standing in on the new music show on Salford City Radio for the last few weeks as I am leaving the station this week this is my last show……the music can be heard by following the links at Hour One and Hour Two below

The tunes played are

Hour One

  1. The Gin Circle – Just Watch Me (Reverbnation Artist Of The Week)
  2. Stalagmites – City Of Love (Local Artist Of The Week)
  3. Ninetails – Body Clock (Tip for the Top)
  4. Glass Heads – Derelict House
  5. This-Way Up – Disaster Street
  6. We Could Be Astronauts – Look Frank, It’s A Toaster!
  7. Electric Clowns – Yeah She Looks Alright
  8. Miss Lucid – Seduction of Solitude
  9. Dead Sea Souls – Trendsetter
  10. The  Gifted – Break
  11. Suzerain – Frenzy
  12. Limozine – Tokyo 1970
  13. Stalagmites – The Blue Rose
  1. Rapid Pig – To The Mountain
  2. This-Way Up – Animals
  3. Kotodama – Dichotomy
  4. We Could Be Astronauts – Astronaut Blue : Stop Including Me
  5. The Gin Circle  – Drink, Drugs & Prostitutes
  6. Ninetails – Rawdon Fever
  7. Maia – The Grandfather Plan
  8. Band of Skulls – You’re Not Pretty But You’ve Got It Going On……
  9. Mumiy Troll – Love Contraband
  10. Death to the Strange – Bandit
  11. Death to the Strange – Drink and the Devil
  12. The Outreach Project – Twisted Persona
  13. The Tapestry – Rode Your Luck
  14. Kill For Company – To Disappear
  15. Trojan Horse – When The Lights Go Down

Salford Music Scene – 17th April 2012

On this weeks show which you can hear at this place

1 Deadbeat Echoes Surge of Youth Single
2 GlassHeads The Error of Your Ways Single
3 Seahawk This Place Is A Dolls House Promo
4 Bourbon Street Beat Save Me Promo
5 The Happy Fallen Planet X Demo
6 GlassHeads Man In the Street Single
7 India Mill Caribesque Single
8 Shauna Mackin Holy Ghost Promo
9 Raised On Replicas OMG Single
10 Bears! BEARS? A Lament for Living Promo
11 GlassHeads Latin Maxim Promo
12 Velocets Push Me In Single
13 GlassHeads Pressure Cooker Single
14 The Fall Choc-Stock Totales Turns
15 Sinister Chuckles Tony Thornboroughs Sock Promo


1/9. The initial releases on the new “local”  “Louder Than War” record lable both of which are being released on Record Store  Day. There is one by The Membranes but it arrived to late to include in the show. “Deadbeat Echoes are further proof that the North West is still capable of creating fab twisted guitar bands. They combine rabble-rousing lad pop with sharp and angular riffs and that natural psychedelic twist that the greatest NW bands have – that trick of making reality sound strange and twisting the mundane into genius.”   Based in Cheshire, the band (who are all about seventeen) seem to have an endless stockpile of great songs, arriving with punk band nous, yet are thrillingly versed in rock n roll and understand all the fascinating nooks and crannies and are not trapped into a genre. They are more than just lad rock – they are taking the arid and wonderful and translating it back into a language that the mass audience will understand. It’s a great trick and another hallmark of great NW music – the trick of making high art for the people, taking the esoteric and putting it onto the terraces and into the council estates. As the ones with everything right now; from the tunes to the attitude to the innate genius and the work ethic, they’re pegged to be massive.

Raised On Replicas are two boys and two girls from Brighton who deal a discordant pop/noise that is full of the joys of hypnotic loud guitars, driving bass and really fab metronomic, motornik drums that are entwined with sharp melodies and hip, witty cutting lyrics. Somehow they manage to surf the possibilities of noise and tunefulness all at once and soundtrack the bedsit bohemian twilight zone of early 21st century UK. With their innate charm and their wired melodies they are pop, a real pop of the everyday cranked through a fuzzbox and brimming with the joy of guitars and intelligence. They are in love with the likes likes of Pavement, Pixies, Blur, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sonic Youth and whilst they have some of that American scuzz to their sound there is something very British about them. They look great as well, a mix of Oxfam chic and ballroom glam and are steeped in music culture and their band name, like their music, is really hip, funny and cool.”

2/6/11/13 – a sort of potted history of GlassHeads to date – the first two singles, a promo track, and the latest single – read my interview with them here

3/8/10 – there is a new festival (we have a lot of festivals in Salford these days) from 21st-23rd April more info here. These are three of the bands that are playing – all seem to eminate from the University of Salford which is good as i’ve been trying to get some sort of linkage with bands  from that fine establishment – I tried with the lecturers/course tutors etc and got nowhere so I’m pleased to have an “in” at last – I mean what’s the point of a local community radio station if it doesn’t support local emerging talent….. eh?

4. As featured in previous weeks – excellent local band with a good rock sound.

5. Neale James is back with an excellent piece of psychedelic guitar magic.

7. From Blackburn and rather groovy – check out the video – it’s a hoot

12. The other side of the new single …..

14. A classic from Totales Turns featuring my chum Mike Leigh……

15. A tale of hedonistic onanism emerging from the Chorley area and inspired by the impact of progressive rock on the ears of a certain DJ – filth! I’d ban it ….several times…and then bury it…..

Interview with GlassHeads

GlassHeads are a band from Wigan. They are Ian McCluskey – Vocals/Guitar, Andy McKay – Guitar, Andrew Seddon – Bass and Jon Davenport – Drums.

I’ve been playing their music for a while now so I thought I would rustle up a quick interview with them to coincide with the release of their new single “Pressure Cooker”

So here we go……..

(1) When were Glassheads formed? Were you in any other bands previously? How did you get together?

We formed GlassHeads in summer 2009. Ian, Jon & Andrew were in a band called- Blue Vinly for a while but wanted a change of direction. So we asked Andy McKay (Macca) to join, switched vocals to Ian and started a fresh. Macca had been in various bands, we used to all rehearse in the same building, so we were always bumping in to each other and started going for a pint and Macca came down to our practice with his guitar and it just added another edge we had been looking for. The rest of us had been mates since primary school.

(2) What is the story behind the new single?  

The song “Pressure Cooker” is about speaking up if you have a problem instead of just moaning about it and doing nothing, letting that anger build inside. It was inspired by everything that’s been going on with the economy and in our own lives over the past few years. All you read about in the papers and hear on news is, banking crisis, credit crunch, bad times ahead. its just our take on all that. It is released Monday 23rd April on Microdot Recordings, available on Itunes & Amazon.

(3) Is there an album planned?

Yes there will be an album, hopefully later in the year. The vast majority of tracks are ready to go. We are just putting the finishing touches and writing/recording the last few songs.

(4) What has been your most successful gig to date?

We had a busy 2011 playing live and did lots of good gigs and festivals over the summer period with, Kid British & The Futureheads. BBC Manchester Introducing have been giving us a lot of support and asked us to play one of their “Introducing” nights which are recorded and played back on the show. That gig stands out to us because when you put a lot of time and effort in playing live, it is nice to be asked by the likes of the BBC to play them gigs.

(5) The Wigan music scene seems quite strong at the moment – do you agree?

Wigan has always had a good music scene and lots of bands, most people we know are in bands or connected to bands. The Suzukis & The Dead Shores are good friends of ours and both great bands, we have done its of gigs with each other over the years.
(6) Are there any good venues in Wigan that you would recommend to punters for listening to music.

“The Tudor” is best for live bands, there have been lots of band nights at venues over the years but, “The Tudor” always has the best sound and atmosphere, they also sell the best ale.

(7) Which bands have influenced the GlassHeads sound?

Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, The Clash, The Jam, Lee Scratch Perry, Television, Teardrop Explodes……….

(8) Which bands are you currently listening to ….

Fleet Foxes, The Strokes, Mayer Hawthorne, Television,  Band Of Horses, Michael Kiwanuka, Love………..

(9) Who writes the songs in the band – how do you go about putting songs together?

Usually one person will have an idea that forms the basis of a song, whether it be bass, guitar even a drum beat. Everyone adds their own style & ideas to create a finished piece. Sometimes we do a good jam that we all like and we turn that into a song in its own right. We always record when we are in the band room and listen to evrything back we have done. Words are usually personal to who ever wrote them and dont tend to get as much band input as the music.

(10) Any gigs planned – where and when?

We are in the process of sorting out a small tour to run alongside the single release, check our website for details-

Here is the new single…….

Previous releases by the band….include the first single “Error of Your Ways” (January 2011)

and “Man In The Street” (May 2011)

Salford Music Scene – 20th March 2012

On this weeks show…….listen here

1 Syd Bozko Hidden Soul Single
2 The Ninth Watch Concrete Boots Demo Track
3 Premise Beach Hold Me Now Working for a Nuclear Free City remix
4 Easter Never Me Innocence Man
5 John Herring In My Head It Starts Again
6 One and A Zero Code Decode Demo Track
7 No*Tokyo Ego Healer (featuring N.Trance) Single
8 Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers Funny Boys and Pretty Girls Beat on the Moans
9 GlassHeads Pressure Cooker Single
10 The Vow Spacedust For A Dreamer
11 Glass Ankle Something More Demo Track
12 The Centrals The Likes of Me and You Demo Track
13 The Fall Leave the Capital Slates

Salford Music Scene – 20th December 2011 – Best of the Year Part One

Part One of two weeks worth of what I consider to be some of the best music to come out of Salford and Greater Manchester in the last year. So many good bands and singers had to be left out to fit everything in. Also new bands get an airing, a new track from Kin, and an exclusive radio mix of a track from the forthcoming AAAK with a special guest on vocals! But we start with some festive cheer from The Fall from 1978……

  • The Fall – No Xmas for John Key – from the first Peel Session, a seasonal ditty from the gruppe…..
  • Pacific – See What I See – from Northwich – out now on I-Tunes
  • Younger Dryes – All The Questions – from Stockport – more of these in the new year
  • Kin – Nervous Grins – new demos from the rather talented chanteuse
  • AAAK – Into Stranger Times – an exclusive track from Ding and Paul for me for Crimb0 – features Kin and Howard from the Kin Band….
  • Glassheads – Double Hard Bastard – from Wigan
  • The Loaded Dice – Maniac – From Manchester via Wales – great album this year
  • The Calimocho Club– Baby’s  Got A Switchblade – from Whoa Whoa Hey Hey
  • Rawcuss – John Travolta – one of the many singles this year
  • Doctrines – Anglophobia – another great release this year
  • Suzuki Method – Be Cruel Be Kind – the future is Suzuki Shaped
  • Zap Zap Zap– Brick Windows – great tune
  • Bare in the Woods – Bare Faced Liar – another one of those great tunes
  • Sandells – Alien Intelligence – the psychedelic warlords

To listen to the show click this link

Aural Delights Radio Show – 30th November 2011

On this show

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival – Tombstone Shadow
  • The Rialto Burns – For the Asking
  • Working for a Nuclear Free City – Alphaville
  • Glassheads – Latin Maxim
  • Periscope – Hammerhead
  • The Living Kills – Angels Without Faces
  • Blasted Canyons – Ice Cream Man
  • Monster Island – Secret Shopper
  • Kill for Company – Money Now
  • Hunting Bears – Routine Inebriation
  • Suzuki Method – Be Cruel Be Kind
  • Glassheads – Que Sera
  • Periscope – Sleeping with Ghosts

Click the link to listen

Salford Music Scene – 29th November 2011

A preview of the forthcoming Suzuki\Method & Helmets for Men club night plus lots of new tunes

  • Suzuki Method – Purple Aki – headlining at Islington Mill this coming Friday in the first of a new club night in partnership with Helmets for Men
  • The Rialto Burns – Show Me Your Colours – opening on Friday
  • Working for A Nuclear Free City –  Black Rivers – in the middle on Friday
  • Glassheads – Double Hard Bastard – new tunes from Wigans finest
  • Periscope – Burst – new tunes from the extremely productive Peri….
  • Hunting Bears – Good Mood Music – are after gigs if you want to contact them – I think you should Mr Promoter!
  • Long Hat Pins – Hurricane – Salford based – doesn’t gig unfortunately because he is damn good
  • The Disappeared – Eight Miles Down – playing The Castle, Oldham this Friday
  • The Portlands – Blue Sea Blues – played these before – they are very good – new releases in the New Year
  • The Fall – Monocard – from the new album Ersazt GB – a singular piece of Fall wonderment
  • Glassheads – Pressure Cooker – another one from the Wigan lads
  • Periscope – Ethereal – an another one from Peri
  • The Disappeared – Welcome Back – and another one from them
  • Working for a Nuclear Free City – Dead Fingers Talking – and another one from them, looking forward to these on Friday

To listen to the show click on the link below…….

Salford Music Scene – 11th October 2011

A cavalcade of gorgeousness on this one…….

  • Monster Island – Pilot Whales – Pilot Whales/Secret Shopper – a simply marvellous band with their new EP which you can grab here 
  • GlassHeads – Boys Dont’ Cry – a cover of the Cure classic by Wigan’s finest – watch the vid-chip here 
  • Shoshin – Here comes my favourite – City of Patience – a great band….
  • Mancini Fires – Ghosts – Rise – they are in studio so expect new product soon….
  • Danny Short – Sing Song – Every Now and Then – our latest free download here
  • Jez Kerr – Technicolour Dawn – Numb Mouth Eat Waste – from the new album
  • Vinny Peculiar – The Ballad of Vinny Peculiar – Gone – from the first album
  • Periscope – Ride – a new track from the rather wonderful Peri…..
  • Wonderland Trip – Wonderland Trip – saw this band during the Salford Music Festival
  • Shoshin – Levity -City of Patience
  • Monster Island – Secret Shopper – Pilot Whales/Secret Shopper
  • Jordan Madani – Oh Soldier(I Told You) – he’s appearing at the regional finals of Open Mic live at the Willows on the 16th October…..he says “now signed to Major Sinner Records! Expect a lot more to be going on the near future, including the ‘I L**e You EP’, singles, photography, music videos, a website and so on!”
  • Moff Skellington – Inside The Marrow – Embers from the Rapid Eye – not sure when this album will be out but check out the website for more info on the magical Moff…
  • The Fall – Free Range – Code : Selfish – new album out soon…..bite on this to tide you over
To listen to the show click on the link below….

Aural Delights Radio Show – 6th July 2011

This show is focused towards three great bands from Wigan – in between a few  classics and some brand new releases…..

  1. The Suzukis – Are You Happy With Yourself – Wigan band number one with the new single which is out on Deltasonic.
  2. GlassHeads – The Error of Your Ways – Wigan band number two featuring Ian McCluskey – Vocals/Guitar, Andy McKay – Guitar, Andrew Seddon – Bass and Jon Davenport – Drums – this was a recent single
  3. Sonic Youth – Expressway To Your Skull (Edit) – a dip into the archive for a classic from the Evol album.
  4. Astrid Williamson – Pour – fascinating new single out on One Little Indian on August 8th – Astrid colloborates with Leo Abrahams who recently worked Brian Eno.
  5. Franks Wild Years – Beggars and Rogues – Wigan band number three – Frank’s Wild Years consists of Michael Barrow – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Bass, Chris Gaskell – Guitar/Bass and Tom Barrow – Drums/Percussion.
  6. The Suzukis – Personal Patrol
  7. Caravan – The Dog, The Dog He’s At It Again – After the musical uncertainty of Waterloo Lily, Caravan returned with their most inspired recording since In the Land of the Grey and Pink. The quirky title of the album “For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night” sets the scene for a recording which is full of fresh musical ideas that  incorporate the band’s trademark humor within the  challenging sonic structures.  For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night easily ranks among Caravan’s best.
  8. Throwing Muses – America – another album from Kristin in the Season’s Session series – this one being “Summer”>
  9. Bird Engine – No Arms No No Friends – from a new compilation on the One Inch Badge lable which is out later this month (25th) called Sea Monsters – it features bands from the Brighton Music Scene. Some interesting bands on this disc including this one which lept out at me as being rather interesting.
  10. GlassHeads – Don’t Worry
  11. Franks Wild Years – It Ain’t Broke
  12. Neil Young – The Needle and the Damage Done – from a recently released live album from 1992.
  13. The Suzukis – Reasons for Leaving
  14. Freedom of Expression or F.O.E.- The Traveller – Drawing on reggae, hip-hop, rock, jazz and Drum and Bass influences, the group offers up soulful laments about lost love, dirty rock ditties about the art of hustling, and dubbed out tales of escapism. Their debut radio play apparently. Remember you heard it here first!
  15. GlassHeads – Man In The Street –  the latest single.
To listen to the show click on the link below