Fascinating Things : Issue 47

And so here we are again with a pile of new stuff to wander through. It’s been a busy year so far with little time to properly absorb the vast array of excellent new things that have arrived, so in order to catch up here is quick list of recommended things……

  • Tulipomania’s fourth album ‘This Gilded Age’ was released on February 26, 2016 and is pretty damn fine….if you are not sucked in by the moody opener “Hold On” then I fear for your mortal soul dear reader!
  • Previously featured Milton Keynes duo The Rusty G’s have their debut album ‘Low’ out on 9th May. It’s take no prisoners blues-rock with a grunge backbone throughout. Great! They play Gullivers in Manchester on 31st May as part of an eleven date UK tour. White Stripes meets Nirvana…..
  •  Corrina Jane (who I think I featured back in the radio days, unless there’s another Corinna Jane out there) has been getting some national recognition and no surprising given her penchant for catchy pop ditties. This tune is out on February 29th presaging four dates in March, one in the peoples republic of Moulton in sunny Northampton, I wonder if my chum The Great Gibbo will be attending. Anyhow this is a bit of a guilty pleasure one.
  • Mamiffer (the duo of Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner [Sumac, Old Man Gloom]) have shared the second single from their dynamic and compelling new album The World Unseen, due out April 1st on their own SIGE Records. No embed code on this one so you’ll have to jump over there yourself. On this evidence sounds like an interesting album to grab when it arrives.
  • The excellent David “Yorkie” Palmer is back with a new Moongoose album called ‘Missives from the Memory Machine’ and bloody good it is too. Expect the usual stunning aural adventures as rock and electronica mix seemlessly to create a joyous adventure. It knocks the increasingly repetitive Public Service Broadcasting into a cocked hat (whatever one of those is).
  • Shauna from Shameless (and faves Ummagma) sent through news of a new EP from The Veldt. ‘The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur’ is a 5-track set, and the band comprises  identical twins Daniel and Danny Chavis, along with Hayato Nakao. This is their first EP as The Veldt in 20 years,  combining soul, shoegaze, RnB, and alternative rock. They were also previously known as Apollo Heights and are known for their long-term collaborative relationship with Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), who produced several previous releases. To be released on vinyl, CD and digially via UK-based Leonard Skully Records. You’ll be able to get your grubby paws on it on March 18th,
  • The British connoisseurs of guitar driven alternative rock release news of their forthcoming April 2016 UK tour. Joining the Bath (UK) based Scout Killers on their crusade across English cities are support acts Amongst Thieves and The Loose Cut. The 5 piece outfit of Scott Cox (Vox), Julien Morrez (Guitar/vox), Beau Stevens (Guitar), Josh Ellis (Bass) and Chris Phillips (Drums)head out on tour following the release their latest single ‘Rip Me Apart’ out 28th March 2016. Having made loyal fans through extensive touring and their acclaimed 2014 EP – ‘Stand Your Ground’, Scout Killers are fresh out of the recording studio with new material to unleash during this year. Expect huge sonics, atmospheric guitar work and emotive vocals from the band who effectively know how to create anthemic rock tracks. They play Manchester Aatma on 9th April. Might be a bit too epic indie for some but it has a certain something.
  • Previously featured Aussie Hayden Calnin has put out ‘Cut Love Pt. 1’ which  is the first part of his  soon to be released debut album due for release in early March. It’s fascinating left field stuff.  Unfortunately for you the playlist is private so I can’t embed anything but fear not there are some tracks on next week but ones Aural Delights podcast. People who like Sigur Ros will love this stuff.


  • Chorley’s Taser Puppets are back on March 18th with a four track EP called ‘Fossil’ via German Shepherd. With the flute now firmly embedded in the band’s sound this is a huge step forward for Shaun Ali Bongo and co. Highly recommended and here’s a taster.
  • French artist Fabian Aubry aka At Dawn We Are Kings has a new collection out called ‘Night Swim’  – a slight move on from his earlier releases this is strong material with a rich emotional content. You can grab it on I-Tunes. Fabian tells me he is relocating to Bristol soon, so hopefully there will be some UK dates from this talented chap.




Fascinating Things : Issue 44

Beset, as we are, by various storms with odd names the best thing to do is stay in a listen to music. And what delights there are at the moment….

I was listening, as I do, to Dave Graney’s show on RRR Melbourne where he had Jess Ribeiro in as a guest, and I was somewhat taken by her music, so I invested in her album “Kill It Yourself” which was out last August. It pretty damn fine and I suggest you check it out.

Lead singer with Delta Spirit, Matthew Logan Vasquez, has a new single out, a tasty little rocker. The video frazzled my brain a tad, but the tune is good. He’s got an album on the way, i’ve been promised a copy, and he will be touring soon, watch this space.

The fine young chaps at Superstar Destroyer Records are back with a couple of things to wrap your ears around…..

The first single from the new Britney album, ‘Neon Python’ is now up for free download, my immediate reaction was “Hardcore Math”, a bit like the more intense moments of Trojan Horse, with the brakes off, plus a small portion of Fucked-Up, at least in vocal intensity.   You can pre-order ‘BRITN3Y’ ahead of its release on March the 11th from this link.

In addition the first public track from ‘Melencolia’ by Poly-Math is now up for download – just pop over to the SSD store to download the single edit of ‘Ekerot’ for free! ‘Melencolia’ will be released on LP with heavy stock card to emphasise the artwork, and as a 6-panel digifile design  You can pre-order any the formats here, ahead of its release on the 8th of April. Some great riffing and tidy drumming here, a bit in Crim “Red” area structure and direction wise, which is no bad thing.

Back to Melbourne, where else is there these days, other than Salford/Manchester/Chorley/Deganwy for good music? –  and a new one from Hayden Calnin who I played something by a couple of years back. This hangs precipitously between shoegaze and post rock and is very compelling. Sort of Sigur Ros meets the Cocteau Twins I reckon.  There’s a double album due soon, which again I have been promised, so expect some more. The single is available to buy and download from the Friday 12th February 2016.