Colossus release opening track from new album

Following the initial announcement of Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo, the eighth album from the London/Somerset 8-piece, Hey Colossus, the album opener ‘Hot Grave’ is available for your aural delectation. Pretty blistering stuff I would say.


Quick Professor into the Super-Collidor

(Riot Season)
June 27th 2011
  • RRR is the seventh album for Hey Colossus, and the third for Riot Season.  And rather good it is too.
  • The blurb says its nothing like their previous stuff which I confess I have not heard but I am tempted to go back and explore it given this release.
  • It moves between ambient picked guitar/found sounds/synthy soundscapes to loud, and I mean loud, post-hardcore noise fests with howling/screaming vox and layers of fuzzed guitars, through to bubbling kraut-rock sound manipulation with an unnerving sense of ease. It is as dense as super-modified uranium on a high gravity planet (and then some) one moment, and then suddenly,  you are floating in some sort of ethereal mist over a distant ranting noise as chittering sounds wander along side you. There is everything from motorik repetition (the band are big fans of Neu!) to the early sonic experiments of Tangerine Dream, with occasional dips into the free improvisational sound constructions of artists like Merzbow and AMM. Your average listener is in all likelyhood going to come out with a comment like “when does the tune start?”  – and the answer is quite simple it doesn’t – this is unconventional, worrying at times, but essential as it super-collides any number of impressive elements into an impacted wall of sound.
  • Not recommended for your granny or indeed your niece who is into Adele/Coldsore (sic) but firmly directed towards lovers of non-mainstream soundscapery.
  •  The vinyl pressing is limited to 250 copies worldwide, each copy comes in a hand painted Gatefold sleeve. All the outer parts feature the same yellow/green/red theme as the CD (except they’ve been hand sprayed with stencils). The two inside gatefold panels however reveal something all together different. Each copy, has it’s own unique hand painted work of art by artist Chavinda Hood. So in essence you are getting two pieces of art both aural and visual.