Aural Delights – 13th April 2011

Not much time to whitter on this week due to other distractions so here is the list of what was played and a few comments
  1. Higher Elevation – The Diamond Mind – Pebbles Volume 3 – classic psychedelia
  2. Factory Star – New Chemical Light – Enter Castle Perilous – from the new album and as a promo for the launch at the Salutation in Hulme this friday. Album is available from Occultation Records.
  3. Saucer – Barney – These Are Testing Times – the first of four fumbles from Farley – and he says in response to my query about more info about this band “I know nowt more about them. That track appeared on a compilation and I’ve never managed to find anything else by them. I think they released a few other things -see – but think they must have been pretty short-lived.  The only clear thing is  555 Records, the label the compilation was released on. I like that track, even if it’s totally predictable as to what is going to happen.”
  4. Well Wisher – Babe Issues – Split with Polina – thanks to Ian Breen for drawing this fantastic pair of new tunes from this great band. Available from Bandcamp/
  5. Crash of Rhinos – Wide Awake – Distal – and thanks again to Ian Breen for drawing this rather fine band from Derby to my attention – check them out on Bandcamp.
  6. GlassHeads – Man In the Street – Pre-release single – out soon check out their new website
  7. Red House Painters – Mistress – Red House Painters – Farley’s second fumble of the evening.
  8. Young Widows – Future Heart – In and Out of Youth and Lightness – from the rather spiffing new album.
  9. Obits -You Gotta Lose – Moody, Standard and Poor – also from the rather spiffing new album.
  10. Well Wisher – Montel – Split with Polina – as above.
  11. Lush – Nothing Natural – Spooky – third Farley fumble of the evening.
  12. Factory Star – The Fall of GB – Enter Castle Perilous – another track from the great album and if you are tempted to ask – it is not about the band Martin co-founded in 1976!
  13. The Go-Go Darkness – Radio Talk – Dark Heart – via Mr Thornborough – thanks…..from the Outlier/Vebeth lable …. more of them to come
  14. Moff Skellington – A Song to Make You Gassy With Concern – Embers from the Rapid Eye – another song from the new album
  15. Sonic Youth – Within You Without You – Daydream Nation (Expanded Edition) – the last fumble of the evening

Once again thanks to Mark for selecting the fumbles…..

To listen to the show click on the link……