Salford Music Scene – 17th April 2012

On this weeks show which you can hear at this place

1 Deadbeat Echoes Surge of Youth Single
2 GlassHeads The Error of Your Ways Single
3 Seahawk This Place Is A Dolls House Promo
4 Bourbon Street Beat Save Me Promo
5 The Happy Fallen Planet X Demo
6 GlassHeads Man In the Street Single
7 India Mill Caribesque Single
8 Shauna Mackin Holy Ghost Promo
9 Raised On Replicas OMG Single
10 Bears! BEARS? A Lament for Living Promo
11 GlassHeads Latin Maxim Promo
12 Velocets Push Me In Single
13 GlassHeads Pressure Cooker Single
14 The Fall Choc-Stock Totales Turns
15 Sinister Chuckles Tony Thornboroughs Sock Promo


1/9. The initial releases on the new “local”  “Louder Than War” record lable both of which are being released on Record Store  Day. There is one by The Membranes but it arrived to late to include in the show. “Deadbeat Echoes are further proof that the North West is still capable of creating fab twisted guitar bands. They combine rabble-rousing lad pop with sharp and angular riffs and that natural psychedelic twist that the greatest NW bands have – that trick of making reality sound strange and twisting the mundane into genius.”   Based in Cheshire, the band (who are all about seventeen) seem to have an endless stockpile of great songs, arriving with punk band nous, yet are thrillingly versed in rock n roll and understand all the fascinating nooks and crannies and are not trapped into a genre. They are more than just lad rock – they are taking the arid and wonderful and translating it back into a language that the mass audience will understand. It’s a great trick and another hallmark of great NW music – the trick of making high art for the people, taking the esoteric and putting it onto the terraces and into the council estates. As the ones with everything right now; from the tunes to the attitude to the innate genius and the work ethic, they’re pegged to be massive.

Raised On Replicas are two boys and two girls from Brighton who deal a discordant pop/noise that is full of the joys of hypnotic loud guitars, driving bass and really fab metronomic, motornik drums that are entwined with sharp melodies and hip, witty cutting lyrics. Somehow they manage to surf the possibilities of noise and tunefulness all at once and soundtrack the bedsit bohemian twilight zone of early 21st century UK. With their innate charm and their wired melodies they are pop, a real pop of the everyday cranked through a fuzzbox and brimming with the joy of guitars and intelligence. They are in love with the likes likes of Pavement, Pixies, Blur, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sonic Youth and whilst they have some of that American scuzz to their sound there is something very British about them. They look great as well, a mix of Oxfam chic and ballroom glam and are steeped in music culture and their band name, like their music, is really hip, funny and cool.”

2/6/11/13 – a sort of potted history of GlassHeads to date – the first two singles, a promo track, and the latest single – read my interview with them here

3/8/10 – there is a new festival (we have a lot of festivals in Salford these days) from 21st-23rd April more info here. These are three of the bands that are playing – all seem to eminate from the University of Salford which is good as i’ve been trying to get some sort of linkage with bands  from that fine establishment – I tried with the lecturers/course tutors etc and got nowhere so I’m pleased to have an “in” at last – I mean what’s the point of a local community radio station if it doesn’t support local emerging talent….. eh?

4. As featured in previous weeks – excellent local band with a good rock sound.

5. Neale James is back with an excellent piece of psychedelic guitar magic.

7. From Blackburn and rather groovy – check out the video – it’s a hoot

12. The other side of the new single …..

14. A classic from Totales Turns featuring my chum Mike Leigh……

15. A tale of hedonistic onanism emerging from the Chorley area and inspired by the impact of progressive rock on the ears of a certain DJ – filth! I’d ban it ….several times…and then bury it…..