Fascinating Things : Issue 45

It seems inevitable that this will be the year of the Graney. he is over for a short UK (and then French) tour, including a little gig that Una Baines and I have put together at the Eagle in the heart of Salford in April. Dave’s been busy of late, including a new single (out today) recorded by himself and Clare at the Ponderosa. It’s Dave being witty, and ironic, and wonderfully laid back.  I’m still waiting for the second volume of Play Mistly For Me mind you.

Details of the aforementioned gig, which is limited to 75 tickets so if you want to catch Dave, Clare, Stu Thomas and former Josef K and Orange Juice guitarist Malcolm Ross i’d book early if I were you, are on the flier below. Get your tickets here

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While listening to Dave’s radio show I was, as mentioned before, impressed by Jess Ribeiro, i’ve since invested in one of her Bone Collectors releases, which is more alt.country, and I will be sharing that in future weeks, but here is the stand out track from the most recent album recorded by Mick Harvey.

Talking of Mick Harvey, Dave and Clare posted a series of pictures of Mick, David McClymont and themselves working on a single with Georgio ‘the Dove’ Valentino. Intrigued I investigated Mr Valentino and was impressed by his output. If you track him down on the tax averse search engine you can get his excellent “Mille Plateaux” double album for free and also this offering from 2011, which has recently been repackaged

Away from matters Dave for a bit, now then, I’m a sucker for girls with guitars and drums making a lot of noise, and this lot caught my eye in a recent mail-out.  Of course they have been around for ages and I am, as usual, playing catch-up, They  a sister duo from Oklahoma made up of Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse, formed in 2009 after a jam session at the girls’ Halloween party. They describe themselves as “like Babes in Toyland, Bikini Kill, Beat Happening, Regina Spektor, Kimya Dawson and Nirvana”. Skating Polly make a good noise and are worthy of further investigation.

I’ve just received the final mixes for the new KIt B EP which is will be out towards the end of March, called “Weird Water” it’s a remarkably good trio of songs, with the title track being particularly fine. Also arrived is the new West Coast Sick Line album called “Europee” which will certainly surprise some people. I reckon it’s better than Billinge in terms of song writing strength/maturity and variety of content. At the same time I was sent the debut album by Saint Lawrence Verge, called “Ashram”. They are a quartet from Modena in Northern Italy who play an interesting amalgam of post punk and progressive rock with strong cinematic elements. Here’s a live version of one of the album tracks, it’s not the highest fidelity, but you can get a good feel for the music. I guess we will surprise a few people with this release but Ian and I both agree it’s special.

Bubbling away for release is the debut single from The Sideshow which I have posted before but I am minded to include again as it deserves a lot of attention.


Fascinating Things : Issue 44

Beset, as we are, by various storms with odd names the best thing to do is stay in a listen to music. And what delights there are at the moment….

I was listening, as I do, to Dave Graney’s show on RRR Melbourne where he had Jess Ribeiro in as a guest, and I was somewhat taken by her music, so I invested in her album “Kill It Yourself” which was out last August. It pretty damn fine and I suggest you check it out.

Lead singer with Delta Spirit, Matthew Logan Vasquez, has a new single out, a tasty little rocker. The video frazzled my brain a tad, but the tune is good. He’s got an album on the way, i’ve been promised a copy, and he will be touring soon, watch this space.

The fine young chaps at Superstar Destroyer Records are back with a couple of things to wrap your ears around…..

The first single from the new Britney album, ‘Neon Python’ is now up for free download, my immediate reaction was “Hardcore Math”, a bit like the more intense moments of Trojan Horse, with the brakes off, plus a small portion of Fucked-Up, at least in vocal intensity.   You can pre-order ‘BRITN3Y’ ahead of its release on March the 11th from this link.

In addition the first public track from ‘Melencolia’ by Poly-Math is now up for download – just pop over to the SSD store to download the single edit of ‘Ekerot’ for free! ‘Melencolia’ will be released on LP with heavy stock card to emphasise the artwork, and as a 6-panel digifile design  You can pre-order any the formats here, ahead of its release on the 8th of April. Some great riffing and tidy drumming here, a bit in Crim “Red” area structure and direction wise, which is no bad thing.

Back to Melbourne, where else is there these days, other than Salford/Manchester/Chorley/Deganwy for good music? –  and a new one from Hayden Calnin who I played something by a couple of years back. This hangs precipitously between shoegaze and post rock and is very compelling. Sort of Sigur Ros meets the Cocteau Twins I reckon.  There’s a double album due soon, which again I have been promised, so expect some more. The single is available to buy and download from the Friday 12th February 2016.