Aural Delights – 10th August 2011

On this show…..

  • Choking Susan – You’re So Pretty – Detroit Punk legends with a classic tune
  • The Black Rabbits – Twist – from the new album “Hypno Switch”
  • Evangelista – In Animal Tongue – from the new album which will be released on September 19th
  • Honey – Summertone – excellent band from Scotland who sent me their EP – you will be hearing more of this in future weeks
  • Sen Segur – Taith Duncan Goodhew – excellent band from Wales who sent me their EP – you will be hearing more of this in future weeks
  • Julia Dowler – Ashes to Fire
  • Enceladus featuring Julia Dowler – Daybreak (Love is Music)
  • The Alphas – Sing My Song – another band that sent me their album – but with very little detail so I cannot tell you a great deal
  • Secret Garden Gathering – Station Road – new release from this talented band from Liverpool
  • Evangelista – Artificial Lamb – also from the new album….you can get this as a free download
  • The Ettes – You Were There – from the new album “Wicked Will”
  • Tall Dwarfs – Lowlands – another New Zealand selection from Farley…
  • Late Night Shopping – Doctor Punkenstien – another great band from the Sleepy Music lable – more of them in future shows (radio edit)
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Aural Delights – June 15th 2011

On this show you will find

  • Kill Pretty – Black Dog City Blues (Demo Track) – a very exciting new project from Ian “Moet” Moss, Chris Dutton, Josh Dutton, Ding and Craig Scanlon. Chris advises the band is essentially collective centred around himself and Moet. Recorded at 6dB studios here in Salford. It would appear also that some live dates may emerge soon with a certain Michael John Leigh on the drums. Excellent stuff – first heard this sat in Chris’ car outside the Crescent on May Day.
  • Pose Victorious – Cold Hands Warm Heart – I got this from the promo people – they’ve a new EP out now which I will play in a future show. Rather impressive sound and quite unique.
  • Stylus Boy – Whole Picture – Whole Picture (EP) – from the new release.
  • Bonzo Dog Doodah Band – Jollity Farm – The Beastiality of (Album) – one of four fumbles from Farley on the show. A classic from one the great bands.
  • The Gerbils – Is She Fiona? – Are You Sleepy? – The Athens, Georgia-based Gerbils emerged as part of the second wave of bands linked to the Elephant 6 Recording Company collective, a coterie of like-minded, lo-fi indie groups — including the Apples (in stereo), Neutral Milk Hotel and the Olivia Tremor Control. The second Farley fumble of the evening.
  • Cut The Kids – Misguide – Displace (EP) – I have to say that I find these three young men from Bury to be refreshingly good at what they do.
  • Robot House – German Suplex – I Would Introduce Myself But You Really Should Know Me By Now(EP)  – Manchester band of which I know very little other than they sound damn good.
  • Julia Dowler – Don’t Stop Dreaming (Demo) – the rather talented and soulful end of the family doing what she does best with another great tune.
  • The Minders – Waterlooville – Cul De Sacs and Dead Ends (EP) – the third fumble from Farley.
  • Religious Knives – Paper Thin – Smokescreen (Album) – Originally, Religious Knives started as a two-piece side project of husband and wife Mike Bernstein and Maya Miller of the   Double Leopards.  This is their third album which comes after a three year break. Great psychedelic drone sound!
  • Cut The Kids – Pictures – Displace (EP)
  • The Mummies – That’s Mighty Childish – Play Their Own Records (Compilation) – Formed in San Francisco, CA, in late 1988, the Mummies consisted of Larry Winther on guitar, Maz Kattuah on bass, Trent Ruane on organ and sax, and Russell Quan on drums. While the band were part of  the West Coast garage/surf revival scene alongside bands such as the Phantom Surfers and the Untamed Youth, they were louder, prouder and more extreme. The fourth and final fumble of the show.
  • Kill Pretty – Babes in the Wood – a Chris Dutton composition and probably one the best things I’ve heard all year. Immense bass playing from 14 year old Josh Dutton and blistering guitar from Craig Scanlon, together with a great vocal from Moet.
  • Destroyer – Chinatown – Kaputt (Album) – essentially a vehicle for Dan Bejar this is the ninth album under the Destroyer epithet – excellent realisation of post new-romantic lounge pop.
  • Robot House – Neck High and Rising – I Would Introduce Myself But You Really Should Know Me By Now(EP)
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Aural Delights Radio Show – 4th May 2011

Busy busy busy so no time to whitter on about the bands – you can find it all via google anyway – a mix of international and local on this weeks show with a quick trip to the Midlands and Yorkshire for a few of tracks….

  1. The Tapestry – Rode Your Luck – Single
  2. Lisbon – Memory Song – The Vulnerable Mind
  3. Me and My Friends – Freegan Couple – Demo Track
  4. Dave Graney – Rock n Roll is where I hide – Rock n Roll is where I hide
  5. Sugar – Helpless – Copper Blue
  6. Claw The Thin Ice – Ghostwood – Sleep is not for us
  7. Arks – Ontario – Demo Track
  8. Camper Van Beethoven – Take the Skinheads Bowling – Telephone Free Landslide Victory
  9. Moff Skellington – Confident of Pending Treats – Session Track
  10. Julia Dowler – Sweet FA – Demo Track
  11. Throwing Muses – Film – Demo Track
  12. Elk – Return to Sender – First Love
  13. The Black Angels – Black Grease – Another Nice Pair
  14. Robert Forster – Baby Stones – Danger in the Past
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World of Jazz – 21st April 2011 – Tribute to Billy Bang

A tribute to the recently departed jazz violinist Billy Bang interspersed with new music which hovers on the edge of jazz.

Billy Bang’s virtuosity and technique brought the violin into modern jazz  and his work in various sub-genres of the music can be found over a series of great records, especially his work with Kahil el Zabar’s Ritual Trio. On the show a dip into some of his best work.

  1. Billy Bang – Music for the Love of it – Sweet Space – Recorded live at the Loeb Student Center, New York University, November 15, 1979. Billy Bang – violin, Frank Lowe – tenor sax, Luther Thomas – alto sax, Butch Morris – cornet, Curtis Clark – piano, Wilbur Morris – bass, Steve McCall – drums.
  2. Me and My Friends – Un Sentiment Inespere – Promo EP – A Leeds based band with an interesting blend of jazz and folk. Nick Rasle – vocals, guitar; Emma Coleman – vocals, cello; Aurielie Labrosse – vocals, saxophone; Michael Sprack -percussion ; James Grunwell – (additional) Bass.
  3. Beak – Diving for Mackeral – The Red Edition – fascinating band from Sunderland blending jazz and rock in an exciting new sound – you can get the EP for free from here.
  4. Billy Bang – P.M. – Valve No 10 – In 1988, Billy Bang traveled to Italy on the eve of a new European tour with his current quartet, laying down seven tracks for an album which partially was a  tribute album to John Coltrane. Billy Bang- violin, Frank Lowe- tenor sax, Sirone- bass, Denis Charles – drums.
  5. Me and My Friends – Warm Up – Promo EP
  6. Julia Dowler – Let Me – Direct from the Artist – the smoky bluesy jazz stylings of Stoke of Trent’s Julia which in this instance get very close structurally to 70s prog.
  7. Kahil El Zabar’s Ritual Trio with Billy Bang – Big M – Big M, a tribute to Malachi Favors
  8. Beak – Birds on the Moon – The Red Edition
  9. Billy Bang – Ru Con – Vietnam: Reflections – one of a pair of albums reflecting on Billy’s time in Vietnam as a member of the armed forces. Billy Bang – violin, James Spauling – alto sax & flute, Henry Threadgill – flute, Ted Daniel – trumpet, John Hicks – piano, Curtis Lundy – bass, Michael Carvin – drums, Ron Brown – percussion, Co Boi Nguyen – vocalist, Nihan Thanh Ngo – dan tranh.
  10. Phil Woods – Star Eyes – Birds of a Feather – This 1981 album was pianist Hal Galper’s first recording as a member of the Phil Woods band,  bassist Steve Gilmore and drummer Bill Goodwin make up the rest of the quartet.   When it comes to modern bebop Phil Woods is one of the best and his solos on this album are consistently   inventive and exciting.
  11. Billy Bang – Bien Hoa Blues – Vietnam : The Aftermath – the other Vietnam album this time the line-up is Billy Bang – violin, Frank Lowe – tenor sax, Sonny Fortune – flute. John Hicks – piano, Curtis Lundy – bass, Ron Brown – percussion, Michael Carvin – drums
  12. Ella Fitzgerald – Cryin’ Mood – That Old Black Magic – confusingly there are three Ella albums with this title – this is the Laserlight compilation from 2002.
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