The Last Salford Music Scene – 30th October 2012

On 22nd February last year (2011) I inherited Jon Coupe’s mantle of producing a Salford Music themed radio show – seemed sensible to me to have a radio show about Salford music on a community radio station in Salford….bit of a no-brainer really.

There had been a lot of debate at the station amongst a few of us about wanting to feature more Salford music on the programmes. Tony Thornborough, Becs Marshall, Ian Rothwell, Eddie Mann, Eddie Legge, Zac and Paul, Monty and SD were all doing their part in promoting new music in the city but it seemed to me we could go a bit further and increase the percentage of airplay given to local bands. I mean does anyone really want to hear the Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays again and again when there are excellent bands like AAAK, Mr Heart, Suzuki Method, Lipsticks Traces, Positronik, Death to the Strange, Saturday Morning Cartoons et al who deserve airplay and more exposure?

So 88 episodes later it’s all coming to a close for a number of reasons far too complicated to waste your time on – all I will say is that one reason I am quitting  is I was becomingly increasingly frustrated at the inability to further increase the amount of music from local bands and singers on the station. So i’m off to do it somewhere else…..

So what am I going to be doing? Well this show and the Aural Delights show will be combined into a semi-regular podcast on Mixcloud. I have managed to keep a lot of my record company/promo company contacts despite me giving up broadcast radio…..and there will hopefully be more detail on this blog about the music than there has been hitherto. Also Jon, Tony and myself are bring back the Salford Music Website which you can now see here……

Thanks to all the bands that have contributed music over the last few years to make this show what is has been – extra special thanks to Ding, Tamsin, Toby Jughead, John Herring, The Inflictors (wherever you are!), Brad, Mr Moss, MJ Leigh, The Duttons, Dusty, Shaun, The General, Ken, Toska, Luis, Stephen, Martin B, Tim, Kin, the Borland boys and all the other bands Mr. Breen is in,  Hop Man Jr, Danny Short, Dave Bromwich, Andy & Michelle Quayle,  Mr Coupe  and the other three horsemen of radio apocalypse Tony, Monty and SD.

So for the final show… stuff and a bit of a self-indulgence with my favourite local bands – listen here……

  1. Sinister Chuckles – Bottle of Pop – another snippet of pop-punk loveliness from Sad Row studios and the legendary Shaun “Ali Bongo” Maxwell……in this outing he appears to have transmogrified into a thespian……
  2. Kill for Company – Mind Over Mouth – supporting both Twisted Wheel and Mr Heart in two seperate outings this coming Friday – a marvellous band which I am very pleased to have featured on the radio……
  3. Mr Heart – Stones …..from the exceptional new album “The Unspeakable Mr Heart” which is launched Friday Night at The Castle on Oldham Street……
  4. Kill Pretty – Mirror Factory ……. the best live band in the world…..from the new album “Dark Heart”” ……..catch them live you will not regret it
  5. Palomino – Price We Pay – a brand new band from Salford which is what this show is all about…….
  6. Rapid Pig – Flight – from the marvellous new album “Wildlife” …… another band which need to be seen
  7. The Blimp – Miniature – the other best live band in the world ….from the 3-4 EP which we released as a free download from SCR…….saw them last Friday and they were stunning….
  8. Alarms – Man With Gun – another new band – keeping in with the spirit of the show
  9. Journal Keepers – Clearest Day – one of the more recent discoveries and I have to say I’m glad they wrote in – bloomin’ brilliant….
  10. Kingdom Lost – Let’s Stay Together – from the new free EP “Naked from the Waist Down”
  11. West Coast Sick Line – This Ain’t London – not from Salford but we’ve adopted him – the mercurial songwriting talent of Dusty Moonan from his new album “I hope everybody gets nightmares except Kirsty”
  12. The Fall – Reformation – well I started with this back in 2009 so I may as well finish with it…….

So that’s your lot ……. thanks for listening….

Aural Delights Radio Show – 24th October 2012

Listen here

Featured on this show:

Salford Music Scene – 23rd October 2012

Listen here

Tunes played were:

Local Artist Of The Week – Kingdom Lost

The Salford City Radio Local Artist Of The Week for 22nd-28th October is Kingdom Lost.

Kingdom Lost create, record and produce Rock, Indie, Electronica & Dance tunes in a stable near Manchester. Nick Bolan (bass) and Chris Mather (guitar) began the band as a studio project, playing around with samples whilst they waited for a drummer to emerge. As the tracks grew so did the energy and momentum. Enlisting the services of pianist Reece Vigelskas and young drummer Adam Rogers in December 2011 has now refined and carried the music out of the stable and into public domain for audiences wanting something a little fresher in 2012.

Naked from the Waist Down E.P.  is the latest release from the band. This is Kingdom Lost stripped down to the bare essentials – No Synths or Electro Beats, just the tracks, performed live on acoustic instruments and recorded in one day. This is downloadable absolutely free from their Facebook page.

They are also soon to release their next C.D – The Advertise This E.P -which will be available mid – late November.

The band are playing at Kraak Gallery in Manchester’s Northern Quarter this Friday (26th October) full band (synths n’all) – £5 With a flyer from the band or booking in advance at £6 on the door – they should be headlining at around 10pm

The band are also running the excellent The Manchester Label –  a website should be up and running by Friday 26th October. They have recently put together a compilation of some great Salford and Manchester Bands Called Brewed in Britain – This can be downloaded in full completely free from Bandcamp  – check it out there’s bands you will already know from my radio shows like Trojan Horse, Death to the Strange and The Outreach Project, plus lots more.

Everything released by Kingdom Lost or The Manchester Label has been recorded or re-mastered at The Stable Studio ( the home of Kingdom Lost (they say they are in there at least 5 days a week!).

The band have a resident gig at 71’s Sports lounge in that capital of cultural majesty Staly Vegas (or Stalybridge) every month (next one is Friday 23rd November). Chris from the band says “It’s a beautiful venue with a great sound for acoustic style music (huge high arched ceilings)”.

Any bands wanting to play a gig at this venue can get in touch at

The band are also playing at Uppermill Civic Hall on Friday 30th November (other bands to be confirmed). Chris says “It seems to be turning in to a good venue, the db band (ex-supergrass) have just done a gig there”.

Kingdom Lost / The Manchester Label will be throwing a Christmas Party at SandBar in Manchester (Grosvenor Street off Oxford Road) and they are hoping to have another Salford band confirmed for that soon.

The band are also in talks with Gullivers on Oldham about doing a New Years Eve gig – which will be providing entertainment from some great Salford/Manchester bands from The Brewed in Britain C.D

The Desire Lines Album from Kingdom Lost (released March 2012) is still available on Amazon  – there are only about 100 more available – get them while you can as there is unlikely to be a repressing as the band feel they have “moved on” from that release.

All new news, gig dates (past, present and future), bios and contact info for the band are available at the Kingdom Lost Website.

Salford Music Scene Radio Show – 3rd April 2012

On this edition…..listen here….

1 AAAK Achilles Heel Totalitarian Tip-Toe
2 Modern Blonde Tropical Sorry
3 Kingdom Lost Stay Together Desire Lines
4 Moongoose An Incident on Pelham Grove Organic Technology : Reaction Music II
5 Bourbon Street Beat The Gamblers Demo
6 Hunting Bears I’m Of A Mind Demo
7 Stalagmites Lost Bones Zulus
8 The Centrals Pretty Face Demo
9 Moongoose Organic Technology Organic Technology : Reaction Music II
10 AAAK Trigger Finger Totalitarian Tip-Toe
11 Sptfyr Commercial Terrorist Commercial Terrorist
12 The Vow A Walk In The Sunshine Single
13 The Fall Last Nacht I am Kurious Oranj

Salford Music Scene – 26th March 2012

A bit of a departure for this weeks show ….. as you will note below…. for your aural pleasure I offer the following …..

  • Kit B – Dogma I am God – which you will have noticed is a palindrome. The latest offering from Danny C,  J Monty and co – and old Hidden Gem tune which has a new title and interesting backing vocals from the Montmeister (need to let them trousers out a bit young padowan…..)
  • Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers – another taster from the forthcoming “Beat on the Moans” album – this is a wonderful piece of Bromwich logic in which he makes the point that Untattoed Ladies are now the rarity rather than the norm.
  • Kingdom Lost – As Dawn Travels – from the debut album “Desire Lines” which is packed with great tunes……
  • Robert Mitchell 3io – Alberto Balsam – yes I know its jazz and they aren’t from Salford but they are playing at the Band on the Wall in Manchester on Thursday and previewing the gig on the jazz show which will be on after the gig has finished would have been a tad silly. From “The Embrace” album – and an Aphex Twin tune to boot.
  • Ambrose Akinmusire – Jaya – as above but in this instance the album is called “When the Heart Emerges Glistening” and Richard James has nowt to do with it. This guy is being touted as the new Miles Davis…..not sure about that but he is very good.
  • Easter – Begin Again – another track from the very excellent “Innocence Man” album which is out soonish.
  • One and A Zero – Pretty Please – impressive outfit from Salford/Manchester –
  • The Vow – Holy Roller – From the “For A Dreamer” album – more info at
  • English Mutts – Someone’s Pinched God – another piece of class from the Mutts from Moston – new lad Martin takes the vocal chores from Stanley.
  • The Centrals – Naughty Romance – very good this band and another great track – hoping to get them in for a session in the near future
  • The Fall – a couple of classic cuts from Grotesque After The Gramme….catch them at the Frank Sidebottom thing on Saturday…..I guarantee they will sound nothing like this…..

And you can listen to it here…….

Helmets for Men – 23rd March 2012 – The Kings Arms

In these days of wallet emptying gig prices how refreshing to see three local bands working closely with local promoters “Helmets for Men” to keep entry prices down to £3.

Here is a sneaky preview of what to expect…..unfortunately I will not be able to get there …… I have it on good authority it will be a good night…..