Blurring the genre lines

And the excellent new music keeps flowing into the Aural Delights Bunker – sometimes I can’t keep up – what is impressive with this latest selection is the innovation and the blurring of the traditional genre boxes to provide some interesting listening ……let’s kick off with some crust

Trollhättan, Sweden-based Gust, in preparation of the upcoming release of their self-titled second LP, and their first with Southern Lord, have released a preview called “Reality Chokes”….

Self-recorded at Fvck Life Studios, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Warcry, From Ashes Rise, Deathreat, Audiosiege Engineering), who also supplies guest vocals to the album, I am advised that “Gust” (the album) is a crushing but incredibly dynamic album, displaying a unique style of crust-infused hardcore and talented songwriting from the young act.  Hopefully I can get a copy and share it on the Sonic Attack Podcast.

Gust - (photo credit: Magnus Larsen)
Gust – (photo credit: Magnus Larsen)

The Dan’l Boone album, which will be featured on next weeks Aural Delights Podcast is a challenging listen – and to give you a taste of what to expect here’s a video from the band:

The release date is September 22nd via Drag City.

Reptile Youth are releasing a free download in advance the  official “Structures” single which is released next week – it’s called “Clouds” and is previously unreleased.

Since 2013, Ufomammut have been slowly working on a video project which will be released on DVD via Malleus this October. The DVD features over three hours of live footage (including “Magickal Mastery Live”, a 12 song live act), interviews, and outtakes, all documenting these first 15 years of the band. Titled XV, this audiovisual experience will also be available as a special wooden 8GB usb drive. In addition to this DVD release, Ufomammut have confirmed that they shall be heading into the studio to record their seventh studio collection this September. The new album should see the light of day in Spring 2015 via Neurot Recordings. They will return to the US for their first proper tour, as well as a promise of more European live shows. You can preorder XV here –

The always busy Stuart Estell has released a new bandcamp EP “The Hearer, the Listener and the Blank” under his Lachenalia project – which demonstrates again his virtuosity and willingness to explore a range of different sonic forms. Both ambient and hypnotic the EP melds busy percussion with surging keyboard sounds to create an extremely pleasurable listening experience.

The Lachenalia album “Acts & Monuments” and the single “Leveno” are still available from German Shepherd Records.

“M” is the latest track to be released from Obake’s upcoming second album, “Mutations” , which will be released this October from  Rare Noise Records. Like a number of the new album tracks, it begins with a familiar sound, a thick, sludge- like groove recalling multitude numerous titans of the Southern Rock scene, however it soon it breaks down all conventions with a game-changing voice unsettling interlude which segues into mind-boggling progressive rock, replete with minor chords and epic crescendos.

​​Following hot on the heels of free single Demonstration , and appearance at Song By Toad’s ‘Pale Imitation’ festival, those lovely at Flowers In the Dustbin have announced a new single – “Checking Out” ​​- from Alansmithee, this time recorded in collaboration with Marklar.  Sounds damn fine to me:

And to conclude this round up a couple of new releases from German Shepherd records.

First up another KP2 collaboration, this time with Luana’s Black Reptiles – comprising three excellent tracks which explore phobias about insects, provide a tribute to the great jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler, and muse on the thoughts of people waiting to die at Jonestown, Lyrically rich and with a  vital sonic palette this is a must listen release which is called “Taken To See The Tiger”

The second is the sophomore outing from Modal Roberts called “Motion Blur” which could be subtitled adventures in dub and self deprecation – Modal mixes things up with a, sometimes, tongue in cheek exploration of dance/electronica tropes, post punk moves and funky workouts all wrapped up in a neat little selection of five tunes which demonstrate variety in sound and lyrical content. Always impressive is his ability to somehow subvert the genre norms, mess around with them and create something which is both entrancing and thought provoking.



It’s A Dog’s Life

Two more releases from the ever busy German Shepherd Records – the first from KP2 and Ding examines popularity in track one and bemoans the passing of the early spirit of the Stooges in track two. Pumping beats, skidding synths, and great production values make this one of the best releases from the label so far.

The second is from Lachenalia and is a marvellous set of instrumentals built around whole-tone musical vocabulary (cf Debussey and Ravel) via guitar, bass and drum machine, all placed in a delightful kosmiche/post-punk world. Some utterly glorious playing from the very talented Stuart Estell on this one, mastered by the omnipresent Brad Boatright.

Highly recommended

Acts and Monuments Cover


Kosmiche Kapers



German Shepherd

23rd May 2014

It is always gratifying to gain access to exciting new music, and, it is also somewhat of a privilege to be asked to review material which goes beyond the norm and explores new areas. The new single from Lachenalia certainly delivers as both unique and memorable.


Stuart Estell has been working with the Lachenalia brand since 2012 and has  – up until now – self released via Bandcamp. The switch to German Shepherd for this release, and a forthcoming album called “Acts & Monuments” from the same recording sessions, reflects a move away from the noise/ambient focused drone work of the previous releases to a more guitar based approach.

The instrumentation  comprises  guitars plus tape delay, fretless bass, and an elderly Roland CR-68 drum machine named Boris. Estell explains “It’s an attempt at using the whole-tone musical vocabulary of Debussy, Ravel etc. in a kind of Kosmische setting. The track “Leveno” is named after legendary punk/post-punk guitarist Keith Levene – he’s heard it, and likes it”.

The single release, with two fascinating remixes by Thom Soriano and Sam Underwood, provides an excellent taster for the forthcoming album.  Guitar riffs repeat over minimal percussion, layers are built as sparse chords bring tension and release, there’s a dub sensibility, but with a european modernist aesthetic. The remixes flirt with a heavier dub feel together with minimal electronica, and glitch, offering a varied sonic palette across the single.

A totally refreshing sound which provides for  a welcome change to my reviewing ears.

The single was mastered by Brad Boatright who also worked on the forthcoming album. Boatright is famous for his work with Sunn 0))) and other acts on the  Southern Lord label.

Highly recommended.

Boris the Drum Machine