Salford Music Scene – 28th June 2011

Mostly about previewing gigs this week……

  1. Silver Sound Explosion – Sidekicks – new single and rather fine it is to…..a trio featuring the ever busy Mr Chris Dutton on the bass guitar
  2. Positronik – Superheavy (Party’s Gunna Soon Be Over) …… another trio arising from the ashes of Pearl Davies and delivering some of funkiest tunes this side of the Irwell….
  3. AAAK – Out Here ….. demo track from the mighty Ding…..excellent
  4. Kranius – My Darkened Soul…. from the Evilution album which you can get from Bandcamp
  5. Whipcord – I Get Ahead In My Head My Headlines I make – alternative rock from the mighty Whipcord. They say “Doobie Brothers in Bad Brains t-shirts, whistling The Hollies on the way to a Pentagram gig, reading The Wire”. That’ll do for me.
  6. John Herring – Don’t Go …. a live track from John as a preview to his special gig at Sacred Trinity Church on Friday July 1st. Where he will be supported by…..
  7. Love Locked Out – All Her Lovers ….. and
  8. Quiet Rebellion – Hitcher In My Soul
  9. Silver Sound Explosion – Telephone Wired – the other side of the new single
  10. The Fall – This Perfect Day – The Marshall Suite Reissue – nice to hear this again, not so sure about the remastering though, seems a bit bass heavy.
  11. Positronik – Give Me Some Passion – Demo
  12. John Herring – City Boy – Live
  13. Kranius – Futures End – Evilution
To listen in click on the link below