Aural Delights Radio Show – 29th July 2011

Some Fumbles from Farley mixed in with new and not so new things on this show…….

Neuron No – Limonchik – live track : according to Michael from the band – “It’s about Laika the Russian space dog (also known as Limonchik/little lemon) and how on realizing she was sent on a suicide mission, refuses to complete her mission and radios the Russian space centre telling them the sun is a wilted sunflower and the stars are rusted fish hooks etc in order to scupper their future space program.” Indeed and rather fine it is too.

Farley’s Fumble No:1 – Modern Folk Quartet – This could be the night – Back to Mono (Disc 3) – After the Byrds made it big, the Modern Folk Quartet, like  other similar groups, modernized their sound and went into electric folk-rock, and subsequently attracted the attention of Phil Spector. They recorded this Spector-produced,  Harry Nilsson song,  which was used as the theme to the rock concert film “The Big TNT Show”. The song was never released mainly down to  Spector’s  withdrawal  from the music business   in 1966, although it is on the  Back to Mono box set which compiles the producers work. The band disbanded shortly afterwards.

Farley’s Fumble No:2 – The Noisettes – The Bubble – Oconee Meadows – from their first album, an interesting track which is perhaps not indicative of their later work.

Danko Jones – Samuel Sin – I’m Alive and On Fire – a Canadian hard rock trio whose blues/rock style stems from the work of  Thin Lizzy and AC/DC – but with a punk edge – this is from a self-released collection of their early years between 1996 and 1999.

Matt Pond PA – Canadian Song – The Green Fury – from the debut album released in 2002.  Good songwriting here and a good introduction to the band.

Farley’s Fumble No: 3 – Vulgar Unicorn – Tierce De Picardie – Jet Set Radio – Farley indulging in a little prog rock – which suprised me. Nice track, from their most interesting album.

Farley’s Fumble No: 4 –  The National – Baby We’ll Be Fine – Alligator – Their first album on Beggars Banquet which was released in 2005.

Talkative – Stupid Children – Lights Years – got this from Bandcamp – rather groovy.

The Pigeon Detectives – Lost(Radio Edit) – the new single.

Farley’s Fumble No: 5 -Von Hemmling – Carson City – J.W. Kellogg EP – Another one from Farley’s fave Elephant 6 recording collective. Lo-fi, experimental pop from ormer Apples in Stereo bassist Jim McIntyre, this is from the  one-sided 12-inch J.W. Kellogg from early 1999, some serious editing required to the end of this due the potty mouthed behaviour of the protagonists.

Farley’s Fumble No: 6 – The Wedding Present – Crawl – Sea Monsters – the Weddoes fourth album, produced by Steve Albini, is perhaps their noisiest (not surprising given the producer) but Gedge’s song-writing comes through it all unblemished.

Cosmic Psychos – Psycho Sylvia – Self  Totalled – an Australian band who cover, amongst other things, shooting the neighbor’s cat, S&M, psychotic girlfriends, drinking, and fighting, on this album. Pure punk ethic effectively realised.

Crystal Antlers – Summer Solstice – Two Way Mirror – Out yesterday and the second album from the wacky denizens of Long Beach.

Bong – Across the Time Stream (Edit) – Beyond Ancient Space – as a bit of a prelude to next weeks show which is going to concentrate on the doomier/darker side of metal. From their 23rd release in four years – this is all about psychelic drone doom rock – but listen for the nuances and subtleties hidden amongst the fuzzed over-amped wall of sound. This is the first five minutes of a 25 minute epic.

To listen to the show click on the link below