Aural Delights Radio Show – 3rd August 2011

On this show:

  • The 3Ds – Sing Song – We Bury the Living – i’ve been sent a few tunes by New Zealand bands to play so I will be featuring them over the next few weeks
  • Vladimir – I Fight Fire – Single – band from Dundee
  • Moongoose – Continental Drift – Footprints – featuring the whole of this EP on this show – because it is so good… here
  • Ninetails – I.F. – Preview track from a great new EP on Superstar Destroyer which will be out on 10th October – very excited about this band who seem to be able to blend math rock with african guitar sounds and early Yes vocals….
  • Moongoose – Organic Technology – Footprints
  • Meniscus – Cursed – War of Currents – excellent new album from this Australian band
  • Moongoose – By Train – Footprints
  • The Steam Kings – Happy Full And Fond of You – from the Sleepy Music Level from Brighton
  • Medications – Long Day – Completely Removed – Devin Ocampo and Chad Molter formed the band from the ashes of Faraquet – they made an EP and we’ve had to wait five years for the latest release.
  • The Book of Knots – Microgravity – Garden of Fainting Stars -coming out on 29th August – the promo says  “The Book Of Knots has had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the worlds most talented musicians, including Tom Waits, Mike Patton, David Thomas, Blixa Bargeld, Jon Langford, and Carla Bozulich. Founding members Matthias Bossi (Skeleton Key, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), Joel Hamilton (producer/engineer for BlakRoc, Pretty Lights), Carla Kihlstedt (Tin Hat Trio, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) and Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, Frank Black, Bob Mould) forge a sound both epic and intimate, empowering and devastating. Cinematic, symphonic landscapes give way to crumbling acoustic chamber ballads. Broken guitars and beautifully warped orchestras describe the ungraceful demise of boats, blast furnaces and bloated industries. Accounts of the failed adventures of tragic would-be heroes are given voice in the band’s two previous critically-acclaimed releases. Their newest album serves as the final chapter in the bands “By Sea, By Land, By Air” trilogy. GARDEN OF FAINTING STARS gives dissonant sendoffs to the doomed travellers and early astronauts that plied the skies in a quest for the final frontier: Space. The imagined utopias that await them at the other end of their fantastical journeys inevitably give way to the grim realization which mankind has faced again and again: at every hopeful turn, commonplace realities await us. A vast and empty universe, stretching far beyond infinity, capable of containing the countless imaginary creatures, civilizations, and otherwise terrestrial impossibilities that inhabit our dreams, dies in the fluorescent lighting of the laundry soap aisle at WalMart.”
  • Moongoose – The Traveller – Footprints
  • Uncaused Creation – Anticipation – Demo – London band who sent me a demo
  • Pailhead – Ballad – Trait – a short-lived side project of the industrial metal band Ministry, which featured Ian MacKaye on vocals (formerly of The Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Skewbald/Grand Union, Embrace, and Fugazi and currently of The Evens). The band’s sound was a dark combination of menacing industrial beats and hardcore punk, predating what Ministry would later do with Jello Biafra in Lard.
  • The Bilders – Alien – Beatin’ Hearts – Bilders is the professional appellation for many different groups led by New Zealand singer-songwriter Bill Direen. Direen began recording in 1978, when working as a community reporter and DJ for a provincial radio station (Radio Marlborough). He is known for literate lyrics, challenging song-subjects and a hands-on recording style that has produced “many genuine classic compositions” [John Dix, Stranded in Paradise]
Click the link below to the listen to the show…..